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age 27
27 years old from Kremenchug

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I’m looking for

14 January


163cm 5' 4''

79 kg 174 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Fun, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



University degree


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Master of manicure

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

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Speaks since childhood



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What I do in my leisure time?

As any pretty lady I love to spend my time with friends. I think that it is such a good thing especially when I am trying to be outside more often. For me, sitting at home is not that interesting, if only I am doing anything I like. For example, books. If I have an interesting book, I will decide to stay at home to feel this book. Or watching series, but only in the evening. Oh, and I love being in the nature, so if you would love to go to the forest, or maybe just to the seaside, I am always ready for adventures like that.

My future goals are

I have a nice plan for my future, and I am sure that it will happen. Well, the main goal is me. I want to feel beautiful, and that is why I do my best to look good and feel happy. Also, I am thinking about the seaside vacation. I have been thinking about it for a while, and I just need some more time to make it real. I want to learn any new things for me, because it is important to study and to learn something new all the time. And now the most important thing - I want to open my own school where I will teach the new nail masters) I believe that everything is possible))

The type of man that I desire

To be honest, I have no rules for that, if only I can say about character. I love to feel comfortable, and I love to be open with the people I love, so he has to have a nice sense of humor, he has to be a smart and kind person. But I understand that there is nothing perfect, so I can just love him as he is, and for me, it is the best way of expressing my feelings. Just do not forget to be happy, and smile more, and I will feel like I am the happiest woman in the whole world) Hope that I explained it as well.

How would I describe myself

Well, it is not that easy to tell about myself in a few words, because I have a lot to say, but at all, I am a very kind, smart and well-educated lady. I love self development, and I am always trying to find something new for myself, and it is always something interesting. Everything I do, is with love, and that is why, I am cheerful) Also, I am trying to catch every moment)

My typical day

Well, my day can be very interesting, and at the same time it can be really boring. Almost all the time I am just working, but when I am having a day off, it is a nice chance to watch a series or to do anything to relax. Well, when I have my day off, I wake up, and first of all I take a great and hot shower, then it is time for skin care and a short walk, sometimes I even take a coffee. After that anything I want to do, like reading to watching a series, and dinner. That is my typical day)

About my family

I having not that big family, just mother, father and me. I love that. Of course, sometimes I wanted to have a little brother or sister, but it is not that bad for me, because I have great friends. I love my parents, they are everything for me, and we are having a great relationship. When I have something to tell them or just feel bad, I can always go to them and to ask for nice advice. I love these moments, when we are together, and I am sure that it is something really special for me and them. Feeling good about it))

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very kind and polite, we like to work with her, and we think that she will be a great woman for the man who knows what he wants. She is smart and kind, that is why you will always have the topic to talk about. Take your chance to meet her, we are highly recommending her!