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age 28
28 years old from Lviv

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

18 November


160cm 5' 3''

50 kg 110 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating



University degree


Field of activity



Artist illustrator

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

My Languages



Familiar with frequently used expressions and able to express oneself in everyday situations.



Familiar with frequently used expressions and able to express oneself in everyday situations.

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My future goals are

In the future, I see myself as the successful wife of a special man! I am an artist and I can do my work anywhere) So I'm ready to move to your apartment if you are not afraid of me) ahah I'm joking! I am a serious woman! I have exhibitions, draw pictures and dream of opening my gallery! Are you ready to support me?

The type of man that I desire

A man of action. I need the one and only who will take my hand and lead me. You like me? Take me to coffee, where we’ll speak and get to know each other better. A man of his word. You gave a promise? Do it whatever it takes. A man who will be a great husband and loving father. My type of man is brave and reliable, honest and kind. We’ll be real friends, sharing our lives at all times.

What I do in my leisure time?

Would you like to see your portrait painted by me?)) This is my job and my hobby) I am drowning in art and I can drag you in with me! My room is filled with the smells of watercolors, gouache and wood) I often go around the house in a white shirt with a million spots of different colors) Would you like to see?

How would I describe myself

I am a true optimist. I believe in kindness and good intentions. Maybe sometimes I’m even too trustful. But I prefer this kind of risk over being suspicious always. I am honest and consider lies one of the worst things a man can do. My friends call me a dreamer ) I believe that the harder you dream the more Universe helps you to reach the goal. I’m soft, tender and kindhearted, always ready to help. Romance is my middle name )

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Mysterious Tender Nymph - You can not pass by!)

About my family

My family is very strong and friendly. I have a brother and a sister) I am the oldest. In our family everyone loves and respects each other. I spend a lot of time with my parents, they support me and give me inspiration! My mom taught me how to cook, and dad taught me how to be strong and never give up!

My typical day

I take care of my health and start my morning with running or some yoga. It’s not only way of keeping fit, but also a special time for myself: I enjoy nature around, make plans for the day, I fill up with energy. I live not far from Carpathian Mountains and I think it was one of the greatest presents from the destiny. Long walks in the mountains are my favorite thing to do in my leisure time. Be prepared: we’ll definitely go hiking into the wild and you’ll see that even air is different there!