26 years old from Rovno

  • Birth Date

    30 March

  • Height

    168 cm5' 6''

  • Weight

    50 kg110 lbs

  • Eyes


  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

  • Zodiac


  • Glasses


  • She is


  • Smoke


  • Drink


  • Religion


  • University degree


  • Field of activity


  • Occupation


  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Ukrainian Fluent

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Traveling

Viktoria 9552

26 years old from Rovno


My future goals are

First of all, I want to be happy and beloved. I am a flexible woman, and I am ready to accept my man as he is. Family is my goal number one. But also, I don't want to lose my personality in future and I want to make progress in my work. I believe, a man has to provide for his family financially, but a woman also should take a part of this. I love to work and to be able to be independent.

My typical day

I love to start my day early to have enough time to enjoy the start of the day. My morning starts from a glass of water, some morning rituals as a light workout or stretching. Then, I take a shower, go to the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee while cooking a breakfast. I love to listen to the music while spending time on the kitchen. After all my morning rituals, I go to work and stay there till the end of the working day. In the evening, I can have a walk, read a book or to watch a movie. It depends on from my mood.

How would I describe myself

I am a cheerful lady and the soul of the company! Sometimes, moody. Sometimes, I can be a tender and helpless and in the other time, I am strong and ready to overcome every difficulty! I love to walk and sing, especially, when I have a good mood! I have many friends and can find a common ground with every person!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Viktoria is a cheerful and kind lady. It's a big pleasure to communicate with her. She has light in her eyes, and she is also very feminine. Any man will be lucky to have such a woman next to him, as this lady is very positive, open and makes a very good impression from the start…

The type of man that I desire

I wish to be near a good, calm and balanced man. I believe, the appearance is not as important as the inner beauty of a person. It would be nice if my future partner always support me in my plans and initiatives. As when a person feels lonely in the relationship, it's something that can simply kill love between people. So, I am ready to be a muse for my future man and I will be waiting the same in return.

Good relationship are based on a respect and trust. If there is no trust between people, the endless suspicions can destroy the person from inside.

About my family

My family consists from my father, mother and my elder brother. We appreciate honesty and support in our relationship. Our family is very friendly, and we love to have guests at our home.

My mother is my best friend, she always understands me from the first word, and we love to discuss everything what is going on in life. I deeply appreciate all my family members and I hope, one day, I will have my own family based on moral values and support.

What I do in my leisure time?

I adore nature! This is why, I find it very good to spend my free time outside the noisy city. My dear friends give me many positive emotions, so, I love to enjoy time with them. When I am off from work, I love to go to visit my family in the countryside and to help them in the garden. I think that work with your own hands and especially with plants and flowers is like meditation… As you can see from my photos, I love sweet and tasty fruit and I love to look after them also and to help them to grow so juicy and fresh…

Sport is a big part of my daily life. If I can't visit a gym, I am trying to make long walks through the city. In general, I am an active lady and I love to live my life to the full.