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Gifts for Vira 8743 change Lady
Hot offer
Large basket of Fruit
This great basket of fruit will cheer your lady up and will make her think of you like of a wizard who can make any dream of hers come true!
Most Popular
Box of Chocolates
Box of finest Ukrainian chocolates will always be the best sweet present. These truffles are absolutely divine for sweet teeth. Let your lady try these chocolate morsels!
Gift Pack "Chocolate"
A perfect choice, if your lady adores sweets!
  • You get 1 E-mail credit to start her morning with a tender SMS. Cherish her with love energy from the morning, for example: «I love you, my chocolate sweet!»
  • After that she will get a bouquet of 5 roses and a big heart-shaped box of chocolate sweets.
  • In the daytime a beauty salon waits for her and a procedure «Chocolate body wraps». Ladies adore this fragrant pleasure!
  • Wrapping of the gifts and delivery to the lady for FREE is included!

You save $59

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