The Red Flags You’re Missing on First Dates

24 Apr 2023

Let’s talk about the situation when you have already met the right lady, at least you feel now that she is the right one for you. You have perfect understanding and you like her letters, she says that she likes you as well. You and your lady feel that it’s time to meet and it’s high time for the next step.

So you decided to visit your lady and to see if there is any chemistry between you in real life. You are doing everything right but you should remember about red flags. They will help you to understand the lady, to see her intentions, and to realize if your relationships have a future.

Why red flags are important to know

A lot of men have never heard about the red flags and they think that they will be able to build relationships without this knowledge. Yes, of course, you will be able to do everything without this information but this knowledge will help you to save time and money. You will be able to see the real intentions of your lady. You will understand if she is the right person for you.

There is one difficulty when you and your lady don’t speak the same language, it’s very difficult to understand the person but our red flags will help you to analyze the woman’s behavior and you will be able to answer the very important question: if this is your special one and if your relationships will successful.

She changes her plans for your date at the last moment

You have traveled thousands miles and you have come to another country just to meet with her. And then you find out that she changes her plans. This is the red flag number one. Of course, there could happen something but if she says that she is busy at work so it's a sign for you. Look for a serious woman, the one who respects other people and who is interested in building relationships.

The way she talks with people around

Of course, it is laborious to see when you speak different languages. Anyway, you’ll hear her intonation and you will be able to see how she speaks to waiters, to the interpreter, or just with other people around you. Be observant and be attentive to the details. For sure you’ll hear how she talks with the waitress in the café or with other people. If you see what isn't to your liking that says your life won’t be simple so it’s time to think and maybe go.

She talks about her past relationships

You are having a romantic dinner, that’s your first date, you brought her flowers and you are enjoying each other company, you feel great and relaxed. And that very moment the third person has come to your date. How do you feel? And the best question why is she telling about this? Are you ready to share your woman with her past? Maybe it's high time to leave her with her memories and to start looking for a happy future.

You get a lot of personal questions

This is your first date and what do people usually discuss? The most common themes for the first date conversations are weather, family, friends, hobbies, likes and dislikes, food, traveling, etc. As usual, people don’t discuss income, owned property, previous relationships, family secrets and so on. That is your choice to answer such questions. Anyway, you should remember this red flag. When a woman is interested in your income level on the first date, what does it mean? That says about her pure intentions. Do you think so?

Your sense of humor isn’t to her liking

You would like to make your first date bright, pleasant, and full of positive emotions. You are talking, discussing different topics, you are telling a funny story, the one that has to make her smile. However, you see that the story is funny only for you. What would you do? Misunderstandings do happen and different languages cause some difficulties but if you are sure that she understands the language and she doesn’t like your jokes so it’s better to think carefully before building something serious together.


To be a couple you should be on the same wave because humor is a very important part of people’s relationships and communication. Be happy and build your future with the right people, remember that you may save your time and money and that will be cool to know more about the person on the first date and not to waste time in the future. We do hope that our red flags will help you when you are on the first date with a nice Ukrainian lady.