UaDreams Review

  • UaDreams complaints - resolving your problems

    04 Dec 2023

     We are always attentive to everything our members have to tell us. All the complaints and concerns of our male members are thoroughly investigated and we always analyze each and every case, trying to assist our member with the problem in shortest possible terms, until the necessary consensus is obtained. We are always interested to make all our members satisfied within the limits of our possibilities. We never refuse providing our assistance to those who are looking for it. It might be both interesting and useful to familiarize yourself with most common types of complaint and the ways such cases are usually resolved.

  • How to recognize online dating scams in 2023 and avoid them

    27 Apr 2023

    Our life is full of surprises, some of them are pleasant and some aren’t. When we would like to meet a partner we go to the dating sites but not only smart and nice women are waiting for us there. Unfortunately, you may face scams, the people who would like to use our weakness and our desires. They know what people are looking for on the dating websites on the Internet and they are close trying to get the victim to their nets. Every year more and more people get into trouble and lose their money. It should be stopped and people should know how to realize that you face a scammer. However, it is not difficult if you know how the scams behave, in this case you will understand that the fraud is trying to trick you.

  • UaDreams scams security

    23 Apr 2023

    There are some certain steps taken by the UaDreams agency to ensure its valued members' awareness of avoiding online dating fraud threats. The tips and advices are presented to alert men and women and protect themselves from being scammed.

    While nobody underestimates the necessity of using your common sense in online communication, there there is a number of “red flags” and general advices that might come in handy both for experienced and cautious dating site users and newbies who have just started their bumpy way to personal happiness.

  • Reminder: Brush Up On Scam Technique

    27 Mar 2023

    Nowadays scam activity on dating websites is very popular phenomenon. It is sad to recognize it because some dishonest people who cheat on dating websites don’t let those really serious men and women find each other and create happy couples.

    The main goal of female dating scammers is extracting money from men. Usually such kind of activity takes place if a man and woman have the possibility to exchange personal contact information. In this case the woman can ask man for money directly. If the man communicates with a foreign woman, and she starts asking him for financial help because some relative is ill or because of some serious problems in family, these are very clear characteristics of scam. The other popular example is when the lady persuades man in her deep love and asks him to help with visa and tickets in order to arrive to his country. Of course, when necessary financial help is received, the woman disappears completely in the majority of cases.

    If you plan to use dating website for the search of your life partner from other country, pay attention on anti-scam protection which the chosen dating website offers. is a popular Ukrainian dating resource and it pays a lot of attention to protection of male and female members from scam.