28 Dec 2020

So many people have so many different attitudes to their work and the profession. Some people work 8 hours and forget about their work until the next day. Some people work long hours and spend a lot of time in an office. Some people get pleasure from their work and enjoy their profession. For sure, it is very important when you like what you are doing. However, how to find out if a woman is just addicted to her job or her work is her life? No doubt, it’s hard to date a person whose work takes all her time, she lives with the thoughts about her job and she spends all her time there. You are building relationships and you wish to have your feelings in the first place. You don’t want to have dates during her lunch breaks or wait when she comes back home after the business trip and will find time to meet with you. Ok, some simple signs will help you to find out her true attitude to work and to decide if you are dating a workaholic. We will answer all your questions about how to date a workaholic and is it worth dating a workaholic at all.

She has work above all

work above all

How often do you meet? How often does she have time to spend with you? Does she tell you that she is very busy at work? Too many excuses because of her work, she wishes to meet however her boss has some urgent work, maybe next time. There are too many talks about her work, colleagues, boss, and new projects. Her hobby is her work, she enjoys spending time there, she has a lot of stories about her work. Actually, all the stories and talks are about her work. All these things say that you are dating a workaholic. This lady will always think about work, she will always be addicted to work and have it in the first place. Is it bad? That depends on what kind of person you are, if you are a workaholic and enjoy your work, that’s fine, why not.

Always and everywhere checks the phone and work mail

everywhere she checks the phone and work mail

Her phone is always with her, she is always in touch with her colleagues, boss, she discusses her work, new projects, and new ideas. She goes to the bathroom with her phone and checks her work email answering all the time. You hear the signals that say about new messages and she checks immediately. Not to answer is a disaster for her. That says that she is a workaholic, she thinks about her work all the time, she can’t leave her work at work and enjoy life. She brings her work home to your relationships and your bedroom because she is with her phone even when she is in bed with you.

She sees her colleagues and her boss more often than you

She sees colleagues more often than you

When do you meet? During her lunch breaks or late in the evening for several hours? What about her weekends? Does she have time to spend the evening with you or she brings her work and colleagues to the meeting with you? Of course, that doesn’t mean that her colleagues come physically, they aren’t. Although, you feel that they are present. She talks about them, knows all the stories from their lives, and retells them to you. She writes them in messengers and discusses something all the time, they meet after work together, go to the pubs and spend even the weekends having picnics or so. Is it a sign that you are dating a workaholic? Yes, it.

Joint plans change and reschedule frequently

You have planned the date, the weekend or holidays together. You wanted to spend some time in the mountains or near the sea. You have discussed everything or even have already booked accommodation. You are looking forward to spending this time together and everything seems perfect. And then she says that she has something urgent at work and you need to postpone the holidays together. Maybe next time. When? She doesn’t know, she needs to check her timetable and she will be able to tell you later. That is a sign that your woman is a workaholic and her work is more important than spending time with you.

She always wants to achieve something more

Her work brings her much pleasure, however, she always wants something more, she wants to finish this project, and then she gets the next one. She wants to get a better position in the company, she wants to earn more. She always wants to achieve something and she has new goals in the future. That says she is a workaholic.

Tips and tricks for men who fall in love with a workaholic woman

How to date a workaholic woman? The best tip is to take her the way she is. Anyway, you won’t be able to build strong relationships. She loves her job and she needs it to be happy. Yes, she needs you but at the same time, she won’t be able to live happily without her job. Is it worth dating a workaholic? If you both love each other, yes! If you’re a workaholic as well, 100 percent yes!

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