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  • Online Communication Fraud

    10 Oct 2023

    Have you ever received a message in a social network from your closest friend who asks you to open some link or enter your personal data in some form? It is quite possible that someone has hijacked your friend's profile and now you receive scam messages.

    This is not the only way to share a scam link in internet or do some other acts of crime. Then you logically ask the question how to avoid scams on popular social networks? In order to help you, we will tell you how to keep your safety and enjoy your communication on various websites.

  • How To Become A Scam Victim of Popular Dating Scam Sites in Ukraine

    11 Jul 2023

    The scam activity is widely spread on dating websites. Some of these female scammers are from Ukraine. Trusting men can be tempted by skilful scammers who hide behind profiles of charming ladies. A man has a chance to become a scam victim on dating website if he gives his contact information to “potential” female match on the site. If during the communication the lady starts to talk about deep feeling and eternal love almost after the acquaintance, it is the first sign of scam. The next step is usually a sob story about hard times in her family or the expression of desire to come to him and live happy life together. Both variants presuppose financial help from the man. When the money received, a charming loving lady may simply disappear. It is the most popular scamming scheme. So, men should choose the dating website very carefully.

  • In Ukraine fraudsters cheated an American woman for $ 1.5 million

    04 Jun 2023

    There are a lot of incidents when online dating partner could turn up a scammer – a person who uses your feeling for obtaining your personal data, money, number of your personal bank account, personal pictures or video et cetera.

    Online dating scammers prefer to manipulate of your best feelings, trying to arouse your compassion. Such situation is widespread both in Ukraine and in other country as well. So, how to avoid such a fraud when chatting through social networks or web online dating sites – read in the next article.

  • She loves like no other – meet a single mom!

    08 May 2023

    Sunday the 13th is a special chance (but c'mon... every day is a new opportunity!) to meet a lady having a kid. It is so great to let childrens' laugh brighten your life. Children are so funny, and they know countless ways how to make you smile. You will not resist it anyway.

    You will think over questions of life, death or meaninglessnes no more – your main challenges will be wheather fairies live in the garden and whether Beany Babies have souls. What can be better than to surround yourself with creations so visually pleasing.

    Give our wonderful ladies who have children a little bit of your attention this day and a lot of their smiles will warm your heart!

  • How to avoid becoming a victim of cloaking?

    16 Apr 2023

    Modern Internet technologies give us unlimited opportunities of communication, dating and making close relationships. But they also contain many “pitfalls” such as various types of online fraud, blackmail, insults and other unpleasant surprises.

    The latter can be also attributed to the so-called “cloaking”. This is one of the newest terms calling a painful problem that arises when two people date in the global network. Right this issue will be discussed in our material.