Best 10 indoor date ideas when you stuck at home

29 Mar 2023

COVID-19 has already brought so many changes to our life and right now we all have to stay home. Everything that we can do is to be optimistic and to find interesting pastime ideas. Here are the most exciting indoor dating ideas, we promise you won’t be bored and you’ll find something to your liking. Make this time special for your couple.

Have a romantic dinner together

Organize a romantic dinner with candles, delicious food and a bottle of wine. You may cook or even order food online and the restaurant will deliver by the set time. Some couples spend quarantine separately so the online date is a great opportunity for them to be together, to talk and to have fun. A helpful hint: Making a shopping list, don’t forget to add there a bottle of wine and candles for the romantic atmosphere.

Take a cocktail master class online

What a great idea and thanks to quarantine you have plenty of time to realize it. Where to look for the master class? It may be Instagram, follow the chefs and wait until they organize something interesting. If you spend quarantine with your lady, you may cook together a cocktail and then spend a great romantic evening. A helpful hint: Buy cheesy umbrellas to make your cocktail to look bright.

Board game with your beloved

Remember when you played any board game for the last time? We are always in a hurry and we are always busy with some urgent work. Right now go to the attic and find there some board games and it will be a fun evening together, at the same time that’s an extremely fun date idea, isn’t it? Twister or Monopoly, you choose. A helpful hint: You are allowed to be naughty to make the game hot.

Take a neighbor's pet and care for it together

Pets are in high demand now. They let their owners walk at least twice a day and they bring positive emotions when you have to stay at home. Maybe you have an elderly person who can’t leave the apartment and walk his pet, suggest him your help. You and your girlfriend will walk the dog, feed it and play, of course. A helpful hint: Make sure if you aren’t allergic.

Movie marathon with popcorn

The cinemas are closed but you have your sofa and a TV-set or a computer. Make popcorn, choose movies and spend the whole day in bed watching the best films. Who said that you need to take off your pajamas and wear something else at home? Quarantine is a time when you may wear your pajamas all day long day after day. A helpful hint: Take off your pajamas from time to time and try on your jeans just to be sure you didn’t get extra kilos and still have something to wear after quarantine 2020. Try your hand at drawing Did you want to learn and didn’t have time to do this? Right now you may start drawing with your partner, it’s great when you have somebody who supports you. You’ll get a new skill and you’ll do it together. Join an online course, get new knowledge and you’ll be able to draw your first picture. A helpful hint: Forget that you are too old dog to learn new tricks.

Play Q&A for Couples

Do you know your partner well enough? To play Q&A for couples is one of the best ideas for indoor dates. You will know more about your lady and she will get more information about you, you’ll see the things in common, you’ll be able to check if you have the same aims and wishes in your life. A helpful hint: If you don’t know what to ask, there are ready sets of questions on the Internet.

Listen to your favorite concert

More and more singers organize online concerts, invite your spouse and spend a romantic evening together. Or you may find your favorite concert on YouTube. What kind of music do you prefer, make a playlist and enjoy the evening together? A helpful hint: Before choosing the playlist for the concert, ask your partner about her preferences.

Make a plan and route for a joint trip

The borders are closed and you can’t travel now but you and your beloved lady have a great opportunity to plan future trips together. Visit different websites and read what people write about places and routes, watch the pictures and choose the best places for you. A helpful hint: You may even try to book apartments or tickets, just remember that your reservation should be with flexible dates due to closed borders.

Read your favorite books out loud

There is intimacy in reading books out loud. Being adult we think that we have already grown up from this and we should do this only for our children. However, it may be fun for adults. Choose the book you like and try this new activity with your beloved person. A helpful hint: Read one by one and stop after the most exciting episodes and discuss them. Of course, this list isn’t full and you are to add in it fun and cute indoor dating ideas for your couple.