Safest Online Dating

  • UaDreams privacy policy

    23 Apr 2023

    Any company which values its reputation and good name in the eyes of its customers needs to ensure their financial and billing information protection in the process of making purchases. UaDreams payment system never stores your credit card information after forwarding it directly to the payment processor to complete a successful financial operation. In addition to that any personal data about our members is never shared, sold or rented to others. All of the forms on the web-site are secured with SSL technology which enables encryption of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information to keep it entirely safe.

  • Why dating in UaDreams is safe?

    23 Apr 2023

    Date safely on UaDreams!One of the main issues in online acquaintances and dating is fear of meeting a swindler and becoming a victim of a scam scheme. UaDreams is a big multidivisional marriage agency with a long history of success in uniting international couples, so it is a vital part of the company's work policy to ensure each male's and female's safety in their everyday online interaction and communication. Lean some basic tips on the agency's anti-scam policy and the main principles of Anti-Scam Department activity in protecting members from being scammed.

  • Payment Policy

    21 Apr 2023

    Secure payment rules are important to know and making purchases of services with UaDreams is easy and safe. Whatever service is needed to support your communication or relationship with the lady, you may easily add it to your Shopping Card and follow the subsequent instructions on how to use your credit/debit card Visa or Master Card. If you do not have a European card, you may easily use your e-wallet with the PaymentWall processor. If all those ways of payment are not convenient for you, you can pay with the help of Western union (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer. In this case your costs will be added to your personal balance and you may use this balance instead of your credit card.

  • Uadreams follows anti-scam program

    14 Apr 2023

    Internet offers numerous possibilities for fraudulent manipulations and online dating business is not an exception.

    Both men and women might suffer significant financial losses and moral abuse from unscrupulous con artists and pro daters when using technical means to find new acquaintances and develop trusting relationships with complete strangers, so some major match-making and marriage companies made it their goal to warn their clients about scamming techniques and help them protect their wallets and personal information.

    UaDreams agency offers its 10 years work experience in a strictly followed Anti-Scam program altogether with a well-developed procedure of reporting information of scam or scamming intentions to a special Anti-Scam Department aimed at performing a thorough and unbiased investigation of each related case and situation.