Why You Meet So Many Wrong People

04 Aug 2023

How long will I look for that right woman or man of my life? How many person else would be as an experience of mine? Would I get any other life lessons?

All these questions are about you while you are spending lots of time with thinking about your lonely life. Usually in winter all of us want so much to be loved, we want hugs and kisses and loneliness seems so hard. And in spring we are inspired with the new ideas of how to find someone who will not be wrong for you.

Internet gives too much information that ovecovers your goal and you are embarassed with this staff picking up modern strategies or preferring conservative methods to find your beloved.

Off-line love side.

At the moment if we take United State of America, there are about 55 million of single people and about 40 million of people know and tried dating online.

But also we know that due to natural effects people consider appearence as the main criteria for dating, that is why love at first sight is still popular among speed-datings.

That means that lots of young men and women prefer to date offline. They believe in energy and first eye-contact or even physical contact at the first date.

Single youth does not give up: they understand that the base of the relationship is that two people have in common in everyday life and sometimes there is no time to know each other better. Every day brings lots of business and duties, we are not able to get ourselves for entertainment and for fun. Of course, you can know a person while he or she is in a perfect mood and the face is smiling. There is no irritation, troubles, lots of free time and unwilling desire to have a next date - these factors denote the first stage of getting acquaintance. People like each other but they do not plug into each other deeply with their usual life, they like to have this opposite bright feeling knowing each other and enjoying the time together, that is all.

Who is wrong?

Afterwards they have time to know each other better but with everyday life it is more complicated and, when they decide to live together and embarassed with difficulties they see the opposite side of the relationship and supposedly the person next to them seems wrong.

Your beloved could change due to some circumstances, or you can change, or just pretend to be changed or you have just seen her in another mood and do not like when she is angry.

So then.. you open your eyes and see someone alien lying next to you in your bed, this is not that sweet guy you met him 6 months ago.

You see, circumstances play greatest role in relaionships as usually people are weak due to their emotional system. They need someone who pays lots of attention to them and it is good on the first stage of the relationship but then.. who knows wh is lucky. Snowball goes by and people keep searching for the RIGHT person in their life.

Time goes by and this is the main criteria of making someone happy. While are you going to make yourself happy, there is someone who is happy permanently!

On-line love.

Single internet users still apply for new social networks - this is a great opportunity for them to find someone with common interest (those once are already indicated in their profiles), so you save your time with denoting that.

Secondly, you know exactly that you may find someone even to hold informative and entertaining conversation with! This is one of the effective feature of the online dating websites. You see the profile, read and analyze if you want to communicate with this person. You can accept if he or she is WRONG from the beginning not to be desperate later.

You may accept the notion that all the internet has is for making money. You are right but it is not about all. People who know how hard it is to be linely and those who appreciate such service will confirm that the best way to save the time and the privacy - dating online.

If you want to communicate freely by a letter - press a button. If you want to stop conversation - press a button. If you wish to see the image - press a button. And again if you want to hear the voice - press a button. Feel yourself as a king of the Universe: you are able to change your life by one click! Technology is given to a human just for optimization his work.

Of course we do not give you a guarantee of great success all the time as you need to know several rules that do not work:

  • duck-face profile photo (Lady cannot denote your appearence, you will be like hundreds of others)
  • ordinary profile description (You need to have something to eliminate you, just never post something like: I’m just an ordinary man who is looking for the simple woman and who wants to be happy” Bla-bla… no! It doesn’t work any more)
  • the copy-paste contact (You may sent twenty copies of the same letter and still waiting for your beloved, but the resul will not wonder you at all. Always ask questions, use the details of her profile - she will be pleased with your attention and be polite with the responding into her questions as well)
  • waiting for a feedback instead of atack (A man of success is a man persistent: show your interest with more than one letter, be original with volume and shape)
  • using namby-pamby talk (Your rosewater will be out of interest. Girls like men less brutal but more than just polite)
  • false attitude (You can never know the level of woman intuition. And your bright performance will be discovered very quickly. So if you have serious intentions - use your time properly)

You should understand that you receive what you reflect. If you give nothing you will get nothing at the end. If you post nothing in your profile - do not expect that one day a princess will send you a special invitation to be her the only one king! Potentially interested people should know something about you, and this information is a help for them to begin the conversation as well. Humour and interesting charming manner of describing who you are - will make your day.

You may spend hours with delving into the profiles and records but you rroutine work will give you the result. Be careful and read all the information properly as someone like you was excited to be reistered and thinking what to post on the profile as new-comer.

If she is interested in drawing - ask her what is her favourite artist, if she is fond of music - ask about the song or group she likes. If you are a bookworm - contact her for any recommendation and be ready to hold the conversation - this is a topic for discussing!

Make your letter brief, do not send a wallpaper. Use the compliment as an attept to talk - anything about her photo, this is really charming, you know?

Do you know what signs signify you as a romantic man? The acts of paying attention - never forget about that. As you should not let your lady to forget about you. That is why you have to send her some “kind reminders” like buoquet of flowers, sweets or any small gift like a book, ticket or a toy. You will be on the top immediately. Good luck to you!