Main reasons why older Ukrainian women date young guys

27 Oct 2023


Can an older woman date a younger man? Yes, why not? Some women are looking for a younger partner but at the same time, there are many ladies who don’t think about the age at all. A lot of men and women have more topics to discuss except the age when they start the relationships. However, when they find out the partner’s age, they may be in love and forget about the numbers. For sure, there are women who are looking for a younger partner specifically. The reasons may be different but there are the most common ones. Here they are.

Breaking stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes

That is true a man is often older than a woman and people think that it's natural. Actually, in society the couples where a man is older are more common. Whose norm is it? Many couples believe that it's possible to be happy because they are together for 5, 10 or even more than 20 years together. Who cares about the age when your heart is full of love and warmth? Ukrainian women like to withdraw the myths and they are brave enough to follow their love, dreams to a happy future with a man.

A younger man or an older one, he should be tender, carrying, loving. He should be reliable because women wish to be protected and loved. Indeed, age is only a number and a real man should have the set of features of character that makes him a man. If you ask a woman what are more important features of character or age difference, the answer will be obvious. So couples, where a man is younger than a woman, live their happy life and build relationships.

For a sense of youth

What does it mean to have a younger partner? As usual, men who are younger are more active and that helps a woman to feel active. Many women who have relationships with an older partner say that their half wishes to spend more time on the sofa watching TV. He prefers spending time relaxing or reading. At the same time, a woman is more active and she wishes adventures and bright motions. She wants to travel, to have active weekends, to go on excursions, and to walk. The woman’s older partner can’t give her this so she starts looking for the younger man. Therefore, relationships with a younger man give her energy and the possibility to feel younger herself. These relationships give her energy and interesting passtime, as well. We asked Ukrainian ladies a question: “Why would an older woman date a younger man?” Ann answered: “I am an  older woman datinga younger man and I think it’s great for both of us. He gets my maturity and I get his energy. These relationships are the best I have ever had.”

Good chance to find a great partner

Good chance to find a great partner

Statistics show that in Ukraine women live longer so there is a lack of men on the one hand. On the other hand, Ukrainian women pay more attention to a man’s inner world but not to the digitals in his passport. That’s why a woman, looking for a partner or husband, gets a bigger pool of men. She can choose from men of her age or even older, if they are free, of course. In addition, there are a lot of younger men who are free and open to relationships with older and mature women. We asked men a question: “should an older woman dating a younger man” Many men answered: “Why not if the age difference is reasonable and people love each other”.

With the future in mind

For sure, Ukrainian women are thinking about their future when they are looking for a younger man. That would be great to have a younger man who will give her energy and encourage her to look younger, to take care of the appearance, skin, nails, and body. There are many couples when a woman is older but nobody knows about this because a woman looks extremely great. No doubt, to look great for a woman means spending much time and money on cosmetology, massages, makeup, and gym. However, that is worth all efforts and lets women look great and young. So when an older woman dating a younger man she understands that she needs to take care of her appearance or people notice the age difference. Although, she gets inspiration, wishes to change, and an attractive younger partner. That is a good deal, isn’t it?


If you still ask yourself, can a younger man date an older woman? In this case, try the relationships with an older Ukrainian woman, these ladies are sweet, tender, loving, and caring, they have so much love in their hearts. You will find the answers and you find love at the same time. Your life will be bright full of emotions, positive, and changes. These changes will be for the better and you will forget about loneliness.