Looking for a real wife from Ukraine?

27 Apr 2023

Ukraine women are called-for among men from different countries who are interested in real women for marriage, and the hundreds of legally registered international marriages of Ukrainian ladies each year is the best way to prove this statement. Ukraine women are a good company for dating and marriage, and usually all the male friends of such a «lucky boy» are jealous because of his wife's beauty and hospitality. Apparently, their female friends and girlfriends get turned into green-eyed monsters as well. Any man will be envied when a beautiful spouse welcomes him home with a loving smile and a bowl of hot Ukrainian borscht.

Our Top 5 real Ukrainian women for marriage

What makes Ukrainian ladies so unique in marriage in comparison to their Western, Northern or Eastern neighbours?

For centuries, the image of Ukrainian women became the embodiment of Motherhood, the beauty of Mother Earth and the soul of the Motherland. In this context, Ukrainian Berehynya (Protecting goddess) carries the features of Ukraine-Woman, the mythical notion that views Ukraine as a woman-figure. In the formation of cultural space of Ukraine, the role of a woman has always been significant: lines of poetry were devoted to her, her greatness was sung in the songs. Ukrainian folklore tradition visualizes a perfect woman who must be as slender as a silver poplar, beautiful and attractive as a star in the sky, tender as a dove and devoted as a swan. A woman was considered not only the keeper of the family and family comfort, not just a mother or wife, whose primarily duty was to give care and warmth, to raise children, to teach them to respect their ancestors, but also one who takes responsibility for the nation, retains the genetic memory of generations, remains a loyal and trusted ally of her husband.

Before governing of Peter The Great, Ukrainian women, according to the Asian traditions, borrowed from the numerous conquerors were not allowed to be seen by male guests, they could not even enter the room without their husband's permission. For almost 300 years the history Ukrainian woman's portrait was connected with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks who came into being at the end of the XV-th century. Most of Ukrainian men were Cossacks or wished to become one of them. It was the period of fighting for Ukrainian independence, struggle against feudal and national oppression, those fugitives united into a military organization which was named Zaporozhskaya Sech, where the Cossacks built fortifications and defended their dwellings. Women were not allowed there. The will and beauty of Ukrainian Cossack women (Cossachkas) inspired men to conquer, gave them self-confidence and faith for a better future. Those women were bright, strong and free-spirited, but they spent years of waiting for their husbands, fathers and sons to return. They stayed alone, managed the household on their own, raised and brought up sons, and later saw them off to Sech too. And at the same time they were loving and devoted. For the Ukrainians, “the family” have always been among the top values. The Ukrainian women are described as excellent housewives, clever with her hands, doing marvellous embroideries, needlework, weaving, cooking and so on. There were not so many men in Ukraine to get married to as most of them preferred to stay single Cossacks of Zaporozhskaya Sech. By the way, it also explains why Ukrainian women are all so perfect in house holding. Because their great grandmothers had to rule all the property of their husbands. Modern house holding, especially in Western European countries and US is nothing compared to their work! Only the most beautiful and bright women could keep their men from becoming single and free warriors and convince them to get married, this was a question of survival for Ukrainian women!

A lot of things have changed a lot since those dark medieval times but Ukrainian women are still the same...

And of course every Ukrainian woman is searching for that proverbial “man’s shoulder” on which she supposedly can lean for support. Unfortunately, in most cases it turns out to be either not strong enough or absent. Real Ukrainian woman deserves to be loved every day, she wants to know that she is protected and cared for. Foreign men, with their legendary gentlemanly background and family strong values, attract lots of Ukrainian ladies to international marriage web-sites and agencies.

Such popularity of Ukrainian and other Slavic ladies is the reason of creation of lots of different web-sites and services who ease the process of getting acquainted to such a lady. Hundreds of agencies and companies offer their help for foreign clients in search of Ukrainian women for dating. They attract men with numerous alluring photos and videos of beautiful girls from Ukraine, Belorussia and other countries. But the main problem and question are all the same and still open: how can they trust and be sure that those are real Ukrainian women for marriage, are those ladies truly single and seriously interested in looking for men from abroad to get married?

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