We always aspire to improve our services making them more useful and convenient. We will be glad to get any of your proposals about upgrading our site and services. Please, write here your ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative. Only with your help we will make our services better and more convenient for you!

Ideas in process

  • Video Chat

    The old design had all the favorites sorted at the top that made it convenient to see who was on-line - would be nice to add that feature back to this new design
  • an new feature in photo & video

    I just thought of a new feature. That is a person can download Photo, video, and audio received from ladies. Alternatively, ladies can do the same for potential mates. For example, I have 80 to 90 files that I want to download. However, it would take much time. So I would suggest a mass sellection and download feature.
  • Android Video Chat Enhancement

    It's pretty good, but perhaps an enhancement and the other two could be just called QI. The enhancement I'd like might be something as simple as a check box, or toggle to sort my favorites at top? Yes there are lots of pretty ladies on here, but being 54, trying to get though the list to find my particular lady can be a bit daunting. I'd like to not have to wade though all the 20 year olds that probably have no interest in actually meeting me.
  • Mail history: Add Winks sent to ladies

    Add Text and date of Wink which was sent to Mail history with ladies
  • Search Function within email

    Hello, As I'm sure you know, there can be many communications between a lady and man. It would be nice to search communications from a lady for key words as a reminder of a conversation or information shared. For example: If a lady mentioned what her favorite flower was, searching for "flower" in her communications would be more convenient than pouring through many letters. Just a thought. Thanks!
  • Search function

    When you click on the magnifing icon it takes you to a general open web search results for your input instead of searching just within your site. Just a thought. ?
  • new idea

    Good evening, my name is jean pierre and I have an idea to improve your site and simplify things for others are complex:

    Develop a section just for video tutorials and one of those video tutorials is:

    * Show how to STEP STEP is the sellection of the girl who wants to know, until the person comes to Ukraine and meet her personally, this video can be basic or even show the part of the necessary travel documents to ukraine and to get her out of the country.

    This video show UADREAMS page and the cursor moving through the site, up to the reality of knowing a woman from Ukraine personally.

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