UaDreams scams security

23 Apr 2023

Safety tips for our respectful members.

Providing safety for our respected members is one of the most important components of the  UaDreams policy. The employees of the agency scrupulously check profiles of our members: they have to prove their marital status and the validity of their personal data. From time to time, we ask our member brides to revalidate their data. Of course doing this every day is not possible – there are more than a thousand profiles listed on our website. Consequently, we sturdily recommend to all our members to contact uaDreams member support center if they have any uncertainties about the activity of our members. We hope that  UaDreams scams security tipswill help you use our web service safely, and with pleasure.

Use your common sense

Always use your common sense while communicating with women. Scammers use your best feelings: love, compassion and, yes, passion to extort your money. Just never do things against your better judgment. Help us prevent fraud – instantly contact our member service if a girl asks you for money. Probably, you are captured in scam scheme.

Do not share your contacts

Do not share your personal data and contacts with anyone before you feel absolutely confident about them. It is a very important secure tip for both sides. Communication using our site will guarantee your confidentiality. Do not jeopardize your safety in order to save little money. We require our members not to share their full name, addresses, home/work phone and cellular numbers before the first personal  contact with our girls. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the safety of your contacts which can be used by scammers.

Never send money to women

Any requests for material assistance are strictly prohibited on web service. Never send money, whatever convincing reasons you get from the opposite side. Scams need only your money, so they will ask you for money later or earlier. If you have a desire to help others, you can send your donation to a charitable foundation. If you want love, search for a person who will love you for free.

Communicate with ease

We never read or edit the contents of personal messages sent by members through our web service. If you do not feel comfortable about someone or do not want to communicate with someone you can block them, so that they will not be able to send you any messages. We never send any information or requests on behalf of our members, therefore, only they are responsible for the content of their messages. Please, contact uaDrems member service if you suspect some of our members  being a cheater.

Use our trip packages

Travelling to an unknown country you have never been to can be unsafe. We can organize your trip from A to Z. Our trip packages include: scheduling your flights, organizing transfers from/to airports, your comfortable high-class accommodation, interpreter and guide services. Also, we will do our very best to help you feel sure during your first meeting at the restaurant or other public place. We have more than ten years’ experience in matchmaking, so we have collected a great bunch of ideas since the time of first meeting organized by us.

Stay at a hotel

During your first visit stay at a hotel for your own safety. You can visit your date, or invite her to visit you. We can book a hotel for you or accommodate you at a private apartment. Our services can ensure your safety, advantageous price and location.

Use our services

We cannot guarantee your safety if you use third-party services. Also, exclude any financial relations with your date during your first visit. You must be sure that she is interested in your personality, not in selling you services of a hotel or restaurant.

Pay if you want to

It is completely normal if you want to show your care and affection by making a generous present to your date. Nonetheless, remember that you never HAVE to pay for anything (e.g., wedding tours, diamond necklaces, restaurant meals for her family members, plastic surgery for her grandfather). These expenses will hardly be returned. We believe that you will inevitably find your love and happiness with the support of Note that we are a dating service, so we shall not be held liable for any possible damage caused by ill-intentioned actions of our members. Your information about any suspicious activity will help us to enforce UaDreams scam security. Please address our  member service centerif you have any questions.