How to recognize online dating scams in 2023 and avoid them

27 Apr 2023

Our life is full of surprises, some of them are pleasant and some aren’t. When we would like to meet a partner we go to the dating sites but not only smart and nice women are waiting for us there. Unfortunately, you may face scams, the people who would like to use our weakness and our desires. They know what people are looking for on the dating websites on the Internet and they are close trying to get the victim to their nets. Every year more and more people get into trouble and lose their money. It should be stopped and people should know how to realize that you face a scammer. However, it is not difficult if you know how the scams behave, in this case you will understand that the fraud is trying to trick you.

How to recognize online dating scams in 2023

You should be very attentive and careful because any person may meet scams not only on different dating sites or in dating apps but everywhere. These people “work” hard and they use your weaknesses and feelings, you come to the dating site and you are looking seriously for the lady and a life partner but at the same time the scams come there and use your emotions and try to make money. Why do they do this?

Why do people cloak in 2023?

The main reason is money. They come to the dating sites or applications like people go to work every day. They trick men, make them to send money and never meet in person. Do you know why? They don’t want to show their face and don’t want to get to the special websites in the scams lists. They don’t want to send you real pictures. Actually, there are some websites that don’t check the ladies and pictures, mostly it happens on free dating sites where the scams feel free to do what they want without any punishment. Can you imagine there is no guarantee that you talk to the lady? Remember those people hide who have something to hide.

Signs that say it's a scam on a dating site

It is not difficult to understand that you are corresponding with the scam if you have knowledge. You need to know some basic safety rules and use the dating sites with pleasure. Nobody will spoil the positive that you get from the communication and nobody will trick you. Make a long story short you need to arm yourself with knowledge and meet new people without any risk. So now some the most common situations:

Asking for money for any reason. Oh, it is very, very popular and it is the most favorite time pass for scams – to ask for money. You even can’t imagine how resourceful and dodgy they are. Be ready to listen to different sad stories about sick parents, relatives, dogs or even hamsters. They have so many stories for any occasion, and to tell the truth if they write some kind of stories, they should earn good money. The most popular stories, like money for the passport and money for visa, are in the past. Right now the ladies are more inventive and they will be happy to ask you to help to pay for the rented apartment but in deed she has her own, you will send money for parents who need the urgent surgery or even you will help with her business thinking that you are a part of her life. Stop, don’t do that. Of course, you are a gentleman and you would like to support your lady and it is great if you are ready to do this. But before helping, think, please, if she is your lady. Remember how to avoid online Ukrainian dating scams.

Avoiding personal meeting. A lot of scammers avoid personal meeting. It is not difficult to guess why, isn’t it? That’s the truth, the ladies try to go on the communication online as much as possible. They have a lot of reasons not to meet. Sometimes they are too busy at work, they have sick mother, father or both parents. She will tell you that she can’t meet this spring but you will meet in summer, then in autumn and, of course, you won’t meet with her. She will disappear or you will be sick and tired of her promises and will give up. If you see that the lady doesn’t want to meet with you – that means she is not interested in you and she doesn’t want to build the relationships. If the lady is serious, interested in you and wish to create the family, she will find time and you will meet.

Fall in love at first sight. The fraud will tell you about the feeling very fast. The reason why they do this? They would like you believe that she is with you, that you are the right one for her. She will sure you that she has strong feelings and you are the best one for her. She fell in love from the first sight and told you about this – run, don’t go on the communication. The love may be from the first sight but not from the first letter. Love from the first letter is scam.

Do not want to communicate through a dating site or application. The scam will ask you to write emails, sms or talk in messengers. She needs this to take all your attention, because she knows while you are on the dating site, you will be able to meet someone else and she will lose you. So she will tell you that talking privately is better and sometimes cheaper for you but believe that her pure intentions are not pure and clear. She want to get your attention at first and then to get your wallet.

Tips to avoid online dating scams

First of all you should get the fact that the scammers exist, so you will be ready to meet him or her on the dating site or in the real life. And in the case you understand that it may happen so you are ready and know how to recognize a scammer dating and to avoid the frauds. Secondly, it’s better to choose trusted websites, agencies or applications. Double attention to the free dating sites because nobody check the ladies there, the ladies may not be ladies at all, it’s very common, be careful. Don’t send money to “save” the lady or her relatives. Try to go on communication on the website, don’t give your personal email, this is the way the scams work. Of course, check the lady on the special websites with scams, there are a lot of them but it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

How UaDreams protecting you against scammers?

UaDreams is a trusted agency that helps people to meet and to create strong relationships. We do a lot to protect our members and we work to make the communication safer, indeed we fight with the scams. We have strong Anti-Scam policy that protects both men and women. We check the ladies properly and only after this we put the profiles to the website. We sure you that we check women’s matrimony status, age and the documents, we explain the ladies that we forbid to ask for money. We don’t let sharing the personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. The members that break Anti-Scam rules are punished strictly or even deleted from our website. We do appreciate that you are with us and we would like to make your communication with ladies safe and pleasant.