UaDreams complaints - resolving your problems

04 Dec 2023

What to do if you have a claim about UaDreams services. is doing its best to satisfy all needs of our respectful members. If our efforts notwithstanding, you still have complaints about our service, please feel free to share them with us. Help us to improve the quality of our services. We deal with your complaints individually. We strongly recommend our members to familiarize with our terms and conditions before sending us your complaint. Our practice demonstrates that most of complaints are based on different sorts of misunderstandings that can be resolved after getting full information by complainant. Here are the most common types of complaints. Also, you can visit our  FAQ webpage.

Complaints about scams or other member(s) activity.

Our web service has a serious attitude towards our scams policyis aimed to protect our members against cheat or other suspicious activity. We will be grateful if you share your complaint about other members with us. Please shortly describe the kind of problem you have encountered with our member, including her (his) ID number. Remember that our member girls are not our employed staff. We cannot force them to relate to someone they do not want to. As well, we have no means to control actions of our members outside our web service. We will rigorously examine if their actions contradict with law and moral norms, or the terms and conditions for our members. After consideration of your complaint we will inform you about our actions. We suggest you to send us all facts and other relevant information if the alleged misuse took place outside web site. We insistently recommend all our users not to communicate outside our website before getting to know each other in person. It is an important part of  uaDreams scams preventionmeasures. Scammers always prefer anonymous communication without witnesses.

Problems with the website.

Our website has a user-friendly design which provides easy surfing through our pages. If you have some problems with your account, please check first if you are properly logged in. There is a comfortable option of logging in using Facebook (or Google) account. Our website is functioning 24 hours a day, 365 (366) days a year. Problems with the availability of our web service may be caused by temporary problems on the server, or necessary technical maintenance. Wait a while till access to the website will be resumed. Some problems may be caused by your local Internet provider. Before asking for support try to clean the cash of your browser and restart your computer.

Our billing.

The most convenient and prompt way of paying for our services is paying by a credit card. If you wish to use any other payment system as Western uni0n, Money Gram or Bank Transferring please get in touch with our member service centerto get all necessary information. We do not collect your personal information (such as data from your credit card) that you submit while making a payment. This information is transmitted with enhanced security to a bank for processing. Send your complaint to our member service center. We will try to resolve your problem. Thank you for choosing our services.