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age 28
28 years old from Kharkov

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19 March


157cm 5' 2''

58 kg 128 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating



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Events organizer

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Single and No children

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will decide with my husband

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Speaks since childhood



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The type of man that I desire

There are people who believe that opposites attract. So there you go: I'm not one of those people! :):):) Looking not at each other, but in the same direction is a statement I would agree with. ;) There will be no one in my life more important than the person I love, so I want it to be mutual. I am enough ambitious, confident, gentle, faithful, life-loving, and caring lady, so it will be easier and quicker for me to understand someone who is like me. To move forward, knowing that there is always support and backbone nearby - isn't that happiness? :)

What I do in my leisure time?

One of my favorite hobbies is the drawing of oil paintings. But I can't say that I'm a follower of only quiet and calm pastime. I am a person who is always willing to try something new and completely different before deciding if I do it often. Dancing, karaoke, and walks in nature are also an integral part of my outlook. I always gladly spend time with friends, play board games, and often attend new and interesting workshops. Banya, massages, and time devoted to self-care... What a lady without smooth skin and gentle soft hands, shiny hair, and a sparkling smile? :):):)

My future goals are

To have balance and harmony in the soul is a task that only a real woman can do. And I know for 100 % that I can do it! :) I believe that it is possible to be a great wife, a great mom, and a successful businesswoman at the same time. The only question is, do I want to? Yes, I am the kind of person who believes in combining the incompatible! This is exactly what I want most of all to strive for - to do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do. Nothing is impossible if there is a sincere desire and need to do what you have planned. If there is no desire, then it is not worth trying. Unless for the sake of a beloved person ;)

How would I describe myself

Without unnecessary modesty and confidently enough I can say that I am a person who makes decisions quite quickly because I am a sincere and open-minded lady. Acting with an open heart is always not difficult :) I am an honest person who loves new emotions, new impressions, and the bright colors of life, which it gives us every day! I am goal-oriented and I think it is a big plus because having goals it is easier to move through life :) Tenderness and beauty, lightness and wisdom, gratitude and honesty are probably just a few of the qualities that my mother put in me, and I continue to maintain and improve them in me every day because my beloved man deserves a woman who can make him happy!

My typical day

I can't say I have typical days. Every day of my life is unique and different. This is how I usually plan each of my new days myself, because I like variety. In order to manage everything and still enjoy what you do, you need to create moments that will make you happy and fill you with desire and inspiration to move on. Being a motivator for myself and those around me is my main task for every day. Work, self-care, entertainment, self-development and a little fun are the main aspects that you are sure to find in each of my days, but the order of these activities and their combination is always completely different. ;)

About my family

My family is very big, my mom, dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins. It's all pretty classic, which I'm very happy about :) But the most important feature of my family is friendship. My mom and dad have been divorced for a long time, but that has never affected the great atmosphere in the family, me or the rest of my relatives. My parents showed me a wonderful example of mutual respect, friendship, and support. I live alone, but knowing that I have such a wonderful family always fills my life with a special feeling, strength, and sense of wholeness.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Katyusha is a very charming, gentle, fair, interesting lady with fire in her eyes :) She has a very open, sparkling smile, an outgoing, sociable character, and a very wise and kind outlook on life.