Top breakup rules for men

Breaking up a relationship, be it love or long friendship, is insanely painful. It seems to you the whole world that you created with your beloved is collapsing. Yesterday you were a husband / boyfriend, and today you are sort of hanging out in a vacuum. And it seems to you that this is a complete collapse. But believe us, this is not entirely true. It is absolutely natural that after a breakup in relations you are overwhelmed by strong and contradictory emotions. Yes, now it hurts you, but very many guys experienced the same pain before you and, believe us, it is temporary.

People tend to recover after a relationship breaks out and fall in love again. If it were otherwise, then humanity would have ceased to exist. Being a relative old-timer in the dating market, UaDreams website is involved in many happy love stories of Ukrainian girls with men from different countries. Before falling in love again, most of these guys lived through a painful breakup. Having experience of effective interaction with such men and periodically advising them on various issues, we decided to create a small set of basic tips, a kind of recovery rules after a breakup. So, here they are.

best post breakup rules for men

Do not rush to do what you regret!

Immediately after the breakup, it is difficult for a person to cope with a storm of emotions. A man throws himself into cruel, dangerous, or rather stupid acts. Try not to do anything substantial for several days or a week after the break up, just stop, put the pain aside. If there is an opportunity, take a vacation and go on a small trip or just live temporarily with a reliable friend, otherwise the “old” scenery under the new circumstances will hurt you and won’t allow you to pull yourself together. Understand, the pain of parting will pass, and the consequences of hasty actions can be long-term and difficult to repair. If you can’t cope with the crisis yourself or a friend, try to contact the experts.


The main rule is “no contacts” with your ex after a breakup.

You’ve got used for a long time of your love relationships, that you share all the news, joys and sorrows with your beloved. Now it is over, and it’s really a reason to grieve. But in any case, don’t call your ex and do not try to “talk” (you’ll have time for this later, when your wounds heal). This won’t bring relief but will only increase your pain. Instead, in order to quickly recover and move on after breakup, you need to collect and put away (send her or throw away her forgotten things), take away your joint photos and strictly follow the “3 months rule after breakup”.

Psychologists advise (even if you decide to "remain friends") to stop all communication with your ex for at least three months. This means completely no contacts, including calls, “random” meetings and social networking. This will give you a good chance to turn the painful page of your life and start over.

Family and friends can help.

However, the “no contact after breakup” rule applies only to your ex. There is no need, and it’s even harmful to shut yourself or to burrow into work at this difficult time for you. If, living in a couple, you rarely see old university or school friends then it's time to remember how you used to travel, play baseball or have fun together. A few weekends in a good old buddy company will help you get away from your sadness and tune in to the renewal of your life.

It would be also nice to visit your parents and pay attention to close relatives. If you have a relationship of trust with your family, they’ll listen and sympathize with you. In any case, friends and relatives have known you for a long time and can be a reliable support for you in your misfortunes and troubles. Communication with close people will benefit you.

It’s a good time to start something new.

Yes, of course, breaking the relationship is the end of some important stage in your life, but this is not the end of the world and your life. But there is another important breakup rule. Look at all this as an opportunity to start something new, expand your opportunities. You’ve long dreamed of sailing or climbing one of the mountains of Tibet, thinking about swimming or mastering an interesting new specialty, or just finally going to a concert of your favorite rock band. Who knows what you’ve postponed for so many months ... Do this, and perhaps a new action will bring new interesting people to you, help you to realize yourself more fully as a person, to love and respect yourself more, and finally recover.

As you can see, the most important breakup rule is to love and appreciate yourself and not to lose heart. After a while (not very long), you’ll again feel the taste of life and it is quite possible that you’ll soon meet your new love and be lucky more than the previous time. And we, in turn, invite you to become a member of the dating site UaDreams and start communicating with beautiful Ukrainian girls, perhaps with us you’ll find your dream.

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