Why dating in UaDreams is safe?

23 Apr 2023

Member's Protection Program from online dating scams.

I bet you have seen lots of reviews about internet dating scam, phishing and farming – that would probably caused quite predictable questions:

What to do if I wish to use Internet for acquaintance?

How to feel safe?

What if I register on a dating website: is that safe for me?

What are the guarantees?

Being desperate with international dating scam system, men lose their interest in registering on dating websites.

This time we would like to maintain such an issue as men of UaDreams to be protected as members. So what an enticement usually is used?

Branches and Our Controlling Department.

It should be pointed out that we have 13 branches all over Ukraine and there is one main office with the management and Controlling Department. Our professional staff cares about our work vitality within all members. What is more, all translators are to be checked regularly on the subject of the language level, their translation skills and programs using. Important! Monthly monitoring gives its greatest results!

We care what our members write to each other and we never rephrase the text! It is important to forward the main idea but not to miss the details.

Anti-Scam Department.

Actually scam and fraud issues are the most popular now if you browse the online sources regarding wedding online topics. Our agency is a protest of all free dating websites that put shadow on a dating reputation. So Anti-Scam Department investigates all cases properly and we appreciate our members to inform us about each small notice.

However in order to proceed it immediately we need evident facts: scan copies of letters, phrases, abstracts or anything that proves the crime. That will help us to prevent our other members from being scammed.

Basic Tips For Male Members From Being Scammed.

  1. We never allow exchanging personal information. It is usually extracted from the letter and warned the member about that.
  2. We do not allow transferring money to our ladies.
  3. First personal meeting should be arranged in the office with the third person. Afterwards our members can communicate without our help.
  4. Payment system is safe and easy. All services usually are added automatically in case you buy them online immediately.

Matchmaking Department: Personal Match.

Attention to all disappointed members! We do not want someone to feel deceived! So if your uni0n with lady failed completely we will assist you with further actions. You may come back to your profile, we will restore it. Afterwards we will offer you personal, individual match program. You choose several female profiles, give them to us, our professional staff investigates the interest of this ladies to you. This is quite interesting and successful approach in case you have not found your happiness with UaDreams yet.

UaDreams Women – What to Expect?

Our male members will never be disinformed about the ladies. You have to be sure as well as to believe us that we verify all the information you see in the profiles of our female members, for example, - age, marital status, education, children and etc. Such data has to be checked on regular basis.

How Soon I Will Get Married?

We will never give a guarantee. Let us explain you why. For example we had such cases when men were corresponding with our ladies and never came to Ukraine. That is why you may guess that ladies are more than trustless and their belief is precious. Ukrainians are very open people, they estimate real actions rather than lots of letters and promises. And if you do not have any possibility to come, never give promises – we speak about fidelity. This will give you the base for stable, sincere and strong relationship.

Women never believe those men who tell them about marriage in the second letter. So girls - scammers do. They can say “Darling” in the first letter without knowing persona at all. Of course, you can be suspicious.

All we can recommend is to wait. Use letters, video chats to see face and emotions, to hear the voice with phone calls, give presents to your special lady – that will help you to see her reaction, what she likes or does not. You need lots of conversations to be held to know each other better – that will help you to talk alive. Well, yes, the first meeting is the main thing.

Payment Operations.

Our Payment System is more than safe on our website. If you choose online operation, you may use your credit or debit card Visa or Master Card.

Alternative ways of payment are also to be offered: Western uni0n (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer. To pay via Western uni0n (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer you should inform us first to get the details of transferring.

But we recommend our members to try to pay via credit card and debit card Visa or/and Master Card as it can be more convenient and safe than Western uni0n (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer. And of course when you pay via Western uni0n (Money Gram) or Bank Transfer, you should wait up to 3 - 4 business days until your account is credited with the services.

You can be sure about your personal billing information, it is the requirement of bank in order to proceed the transaction carefully. You can paste it once only and afterwards you may make purchases online very fast as the system remembers you.

We do not have complains regarding this issue. We have verified payment processors, safe and convenient.

Trip Department.

Your individual visit to our country may be arranged by our trip manager who assists you all the time with calculating all expenses. Sure, we care about our tourists and guarantee high level of accommodation, professional interpreter and driver.

When you come to us, we give you all day and night support and you will never feel lonely in the foreign country. You are always welcome!