UaDreams privacy policy

23 Apr 2023

Privacy Policy Information.

Shopping is non-easy thing usually. But if we mean online store – we offer you to proceed this adventurous time fast and easy. When you try to purchase anything your name, email address billing/shipping address and telephone numbers are required as a rule. Then you will be asked about choosing the payment method – you may tick credit or debit card or online payment service. We never use your personal information for any further profits: being secured it is forwarded to the bank payment processor for successful operation. Our private servers do not hold your card information. However it is important for us to register data of the exact time of your visit to our Shopping page, URL, Internet protocol address, domain type, favourite pages you visit, etc.

Our member’s personal information.

We understand your concern regarding personal information issue. We take risk to have lots of members from all over the world, and sometimes not all of them can be fair with their financial operations. So we really hope that pasting your billing information while setting the order does not confuse you much. Be sure, it is not a subject of making any profits for us with collecting such data on our base. When pasting the information – our system will remember you and you will be added to the list of trusted and valuable members. Thus you will be able to proceed any payment and get our products and services in future easy and fast.


Cookie makes records to browser’s memory and when you enter the website again - this website gets the cookie’s information, we mean it identifies your previous activity. Mostly it is used by online stores. To protect your computer you should accept the cookie, - that will help us to identify you, to check your information as our member, to maintain your profile and to let you to shop here and use our services on our website

Sharing personal information.

We never share personal information of our members, we mean selling or renting, whatever. We do not sell or rent any personal information to others.

Nevertheless such information is to be offered in case of law requirements and etc. due to necessity for protecting the rights, someone’s property and so and so on.

You are free to post the information about yourself true or false and it is your choice if it helps you or not.

Of course you may say that member becomes more vulnerable with indicating your personal data however we do take such a responsibility to keep it for about 10 years. We have not received yet such kind of complaint and we do proud of our position to be a trusted agency.

SSL technology for securing member’s information.

All personal billing information – we mean credit card or any other payment data – is stored on secured servers as well as protected by industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption.

Please check your browser’s settings and find the secure icon – indicator of being secured while browsing.

Our website is using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, to be explained carefully – during your online transactions it enables encryption (scrambling) of so-called sensitive information as passwords, credit card numbers. Probably surprisingly for you, all of the forms on our site are secured with SSL technology, this will give you the confidence for your personal information to stay safe.

Updating Profile Information.

For editing general information you are able to do that on the main page of the profile using general editing options by clicking on the smiley face banner.

For any questions about that please refer to Support Center.

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