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Female submission

Female submission is in blood of Slavic women, and they could easily admit the idea of a total masculine dominance, it’s a fact. It comes from centuries of Ukrainian history when women need to be depended from brave men who could protect their families from enemies and take care of security of a village. Women in that time were dedicated to creating of home comfort, growing children and taking care of fireside.

That’s the reason why Russian and Ukrainian women are the best wives and long life partners for men who are looking for a submission in relationships.

So, when meeting a Russian girl, remember on such a tendency and from the beginning take a position of a leader and dominant in your relationships. Make a first impression of a leader, a person that could solve all the problems without any doubt. Ukrainian women adore strong men, and it’s a clue for successful development of relationships.

What Does Dominance Mean in Ukraine? Ask women.

What shows you that Russian Woman is “Yours”?

So, how could you become dominant in a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian girl? It’s not so obvious, because women in Ukraine prefer to be careful in the first stages of relationships and they accustomed to not trust everybody.

Be polite and attentive with her. Main feature of a dominant person is care and control over the all spheres of her life. A Russian and Ukrainian woman should feel that you could solve all her problems and she only needs to be your partner. Don’t push on her, don’t be rude or impolite.

The truly dominant man never behave like a savage, the language of force is politeness. Dominance is the clue for Ukrainian woman’s heart.

How to Make Ukrainian Girl Submit

Ukrainian and Russian women are very attentive to little things. So, you need to express your dominance from the scratch in your relationships. When asking a Russian or Ukrainian woman for a date, never let her pay for anything. In Ukrainian tradition a person who is paying for a dinner is a real leader in a couple. So, you need to clarify that you want to dominate in all possible spheres. Call her a taxi or ask her to stay with you tonight, decide how to spend next weekend or holidays, kiss her when you want. Female submission could be the logical continuation of your dominant behavior.

Show her your dominance in all spheres, tell her that you could make your own decisions and you realize all possible consequences of your choice. Ukrainian women like to feel real masculine dominance in relationships, so you should choose macho men, as a role model - be active, aggressive and indifferent to opinion of the whole world.

Remember, that it’s not easy to dominate on the Russian and Ukrainian woman, you couldn’t do it in a day. You need to gain her trust. Be consistent and persistent. She needs to understand that you are the man of her life, and she easily could be submissive and think about nothing except your love and comfort in you relationships. In our web site there are dozens of Ukrainian women that wants to find strong man from abroad who could be a dominant in the future relationships.

A lot of Ukrainian women are tired of weak men without a strong character and desire to take care of a woman in relationships. So, if you want to find a nice woman that could be your submissive partner, register on our web site and after fulfilling a simple questionnaire you could find a beautiful Ukrainian woman that has a dream to be to be subordinate by a real macho man like you.

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