Avoiding online dating mistakes

30 Mar 2023

Gender principles are a kind of involving topic to discuss. Hundreds of psychologists study and gather information about men and women. We are not the best advisors for you however if you need some excited words regarding relationships online, we offer you something interesting about several online dating tips you have to know.

Probably all that simple words will show you about tastes and preferences of couple to correspond to each other, what to expect and etc.

Right now we are excited to distinguish 18 secrets for ladies. This is what boys want them to know!

  1. You think men will never talk about feelings, no you are completely wrong. Though they never tell this directly, you are able to ask something “about”, like what he would do during vacations or weekend, or you can offer something romantic. Speaking about that will make you closer to each other, don’t be afraid about that!
  2. Men used to do than to say. And what he feels – his actions show, of course. If you are waiting for “I love you” from your man, may he just fixing something about the house, cooking or just asking if you put warm clothes on. Man makes the atmosphere better for you.
  3. Let’s talk about commitment and responsibility. Ladies used to think that men are afraid to be responsible. They choose commitment because they intend to a better life and if we speak about marriage, according to the statistic – men would definitely marry his wives one more time.
  4. You have a conversation, and your man is really listening to you. And if he responds “I see” – that means he understands what you are saying and this is very important for him.
  5. Common activities make people closer – this is what men used to accept. They do not share things or feelings, however doing sports together will strengthen your relationship.
  6. Give a time for your man to be alone. He just needs to be with himself in that place that no one and even you should not enter. And so do you for yourself. Both partners need to have space, this is a border of your personality, so both of you would rather encourage each other to have hobbies.
  7. Inheritance is important. Family is important. Farther is important. So man behaves like his farther does in his family.
  8. Negative moments are more complicated for women, they take it deeply emotional with stress and anxiety. Men used to move on so fast and while you still want to discuss the last issue, be sure, your man doesn’t remember what is it about.
  9. Such details like voice or tone or just mimics – men can hardly to notice them and to analyze. This is not a message for your man, go and ask or tell him directly.
  10. Men like to feel appreciated when they do something. And you will feel the difference how they act when they know about their value.
  11. Women like men think about sex a lot. Even after 50 years old he can think about, may be not so often like in 20, but this is a daily thing. Anyway you should remember that thinking is not doing.
  12. Sex is not just a physical act between man and women, this is an intimate process of being closer involving into someone’s territory. This is how men think. And of course stable relationship show that people know how to please each other within experience, it is better of course than one-night sex.
  13. Do not be proactive, just be initiative, - men like when women guess this sincere wish. And both of you will receive another portion of satisfaction, on a higher level. Shy lady is ok, but it is better to forget about that and to be naughty sometimes.
  14. Ladies use to accept men are ready for sex all the time. Actually this is a false affirmation. And ladies should be more attentive to that fact that men are sometimes not in the sex mood due to some life circumstances as stress can ruin men’s libido. They are just not up in sex right now. And it is normal.
  15. As we have mentioned, men estimate if you speak with him directly. So if you ask him straight – that would be the best variant, not as you will roll about and try to pick the similar sentences to push him to guess what exactly you want.
  16. Men are sensitive about their stamina in sex and they appreciate if you help him to relax, if he feels confident about you and your attitude about his technique. Just you both should focus on a pleasure and it is good when woman supports her man in feeling of the process.
  17. If a man does not feel the feed back in relationships he focuses deeply on something else: that can be work or hobby. That is why it is important for work about needs and appreciates this intention.
  18. Our statistic shows that men are afraid to lose all those day they have been living together, and if there is a chance to keep long–term relationship – they of course will do their best to save it.

People are like a puzzle to glean to each other!

So as you can see, we used to accept famous stereotypes our modern society gives to us. However the only thing we should know: we do not have general advices as main advices. Each case is individual and relationship is the most precious thing for a human given to him from heaven. This is a new life, new experience, new emotions, this person next to you will adorn your path with ideas or suggestions or critics or notices, he or she will encourage you with moving on!

This is a gift, exceptional gift and you need to be careful with it to taste and your happiness is like you see your gift next to you.

Do not fix on personal issues, be yourself and relax, this is your personal choice how to live with your beloved! You may take some advices, try them, change your life and enjoy yourself!