7 best ideas for the fourth date for men

19 Sep 2018

You fourth date isn’t less important that previous three. After the first date you’ve understand that you are interesting in such a woman, after the second one you’ve got a possibility to know each other better. Third date is a good point for starting relationships, but don’t think that it’s enough for building long lasted love story between your lady and you.

So, let us share with you 7 fresh ideas for your fourth date.

Have fun at fourth date.

Let’s make a fun fourth date that she could remember for a while. Don’t fail her expectations on your fourth date – be a funny, smart, easy-going person that has a huge sense of humor. Women appreciate men that planning future activities together. You know her interests and preferences in food or activities, so, use your knowledge in a best way for organizing an ideal fourth date that she would never forget.

Enough to be nervous

If you have a fourth date, it means that a woman is interesting in you. Don’t be so nervous and make her feel that she did a right choice. You’ve spend together three dates and you know a lot about this woman, so, just feel free to share with her any ideas and just be yourself.

Tell her more about yourself.

Fourth date is a serious step for development of your relationships. It should be successful only if you are open and honest with each other. It’s a good time for opening to your lady a couple of secrets that you haven’t shared before. Every person has a skeleton in the closet, so it’s good idea to tell her something interesting and personal about your previous life .

Try to find out her secrets.

Ask her all questions that you’ve wanted to ask before. It’s not your first date, when both of you were a little bit nervous and shy, you are on your fourth date together. So, just ask, listen to her answers (it’s one of important rules), and show her that she is important for you – women adore this.

You can talk about the ex-girlfriend and the ex-boyfriend

Now you could openly ask about her previous experience in dating. But, remember, it’s a sensitive question. It’s a good idea to ask something neutral: “Do you have an experience of spending vacancies together with you ex-boyfriend?” or say her: “I don’t understand how anybody could let you get away”. It would lead to a small talk about her previous relationships, rules in their couple and break up reasons. Be ready that your lady could ask you the same question - it’s fair to share details of your ex-love story with her.

Go to the next level of relations.

Ask yourself, if this woman could be your long life partner. If your answer is positive, ask her about the same issue. Of course, you could have had such a conversation before, but it’s necessary to clarify her expectations. Start from the sharing of your feelings, say that you are very interesting in development of story of you two. Only after it gently ask your lady what she thinks about your partnership.

Sex on the fourth date? Why not.

Your fourth date is a good time for developing your relationships in that way. Be patient and polite in such an issue. Remember the main rule - let your woman control this sphere of your interaction, but be honest and say about your feeling and thoughts about it.

Therefore, the fourth date is an appropriate time for doing a lot of things – to talk, to have a fun, to discuss serious question and to do everything that make both of you happier. We hope that our 7 ideas and rules what to do in your fourth date would be useful for you.

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