6 tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

24 Apr 2023

There are a lot of ways to stop thinking about him or her all the time and to start your new love story without shadows from the past. Just say in your mind to your previous partner “Thank you for all awkward moments, for experience and for impact that you had in my life”. Let us describe six the most useful ways to stop thinking about someone who hurt you in the past and to move forward your future healthy relationships without pain or guilt. No matter are you a man or a woman, our advice is universal and suitable for a situation when a woman or a man tries to forget someone.

Stop communicate in social networks.

One of the first things that we recommend to do is to stop communicating with your ex on social networks. Don’t even think on tracking any activity of a person you decided to forget forever. It could be perfect if you just block him or her everywhere. Add your previous partner on black list in all social networks, it could guarantee you absence of any mentions of his life in your feed. It is the prior and vital step to stop thinking about someone you loved and, perhaps love till now.

More parties with friends.

The second important tip is that you need to have fun with your friends. It is one main rule - the more is the better. Switching your attention from your beloved person to somebody else, meeting new people and light flirt is what you need in such a situation. Remember, a little party never kills anybody, especially if this is somebody with broken heart. If you have a lot of work – just go to a lunch with colleagues or friends who are working near your office.

Entertainment, cultural or educational events.

It’s a good way to switch off all memories from the past – to collect new memories from the present. Entertain yourself by attending of interesting events, it can be concerts of your favorite artists, music festivals, visiting galleries, or training conferences if you are fan of science. This is one of the best ways to stop thinking on someone from the past and clean your mind from the annoying memories.

Try a change of scenery.

If you want to stop thinking of your previous beloved person, you need to change the scenery. Nothing should remind you on the person you are trying to forget. This can be either a vacation or just a weekend in a country house. In a new place you could clean your mind from your dark thoughts and ideas, and transfer your memories in something bright and calm.

Try online dating.

As one of the options for starting a new relationship, or expanding the circle of acquaintances, you can try online dating. Fortunately, the development of the Internet and online dating industry has meant that only one thing you just need is a desire to start. Our wedding agency UaDreams could help you in any case. All you need is to fulfill your profile on the web site and to start chatting immediately. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is waiting for you in Ukraine and after your meeting you understand there will be no one to forget, because all your thoughts would be on your new online dating partner.

Start a new business or creative project.

If you if have no desire to start a new relationship, you can direct all your energy to the start of a new business or creative project. In other words, work so hard that you forget to thinking not only on a person that you want to forget but on any person in a world.

We have tried to collect all possible ways to stop thinking on someone that you want to forget for you. Don’t be in a hurry and remember that your main task is to give yourself a lot of time for preparing yourself for your future life and partnership. So, don’t push yourself, try a lot of new things. Start with online dating; our web site is a perfect playground for it. Just register, push the button “to start conversation” and give yourself a chance to be happy in new relationship.