Top 7 Mistakes in Dating Online That Guys Make

16 Feb 2024

Online dating today is no longer considered something unusual. Any single man can post his profile on dating sites and date a huge number of  pretty girls  without even leaving his favorite chair. However, all this is not so easy and simple. For more than ten years of successful work in the dating market, the UaDreams team has helped hundreds and hundreds of men from all over the world find their happiness with charming Ukrainian girls. But our experts are often faced with a lot of questions from our new members: how to create an effective profile, what words to start a correspondence with, and so on.

7 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Naturally, most guys make mistakes again and again when it comes to online dating. So, having studied the profiles of our members, we’d like to bring to your attention the most serious and frequent mistakes made by men during online dating with ladies, so that they, after removing these obstacles, quickly find their love. Here are the top 7 common men’s online dating mistakes.

Mistake 1: casual profile photo sellection.

Of course, you know that there should be a photo in the profile on the dating site. But do you really think that this fuzzy selfie from the last corporate party will attract a beautiful stranger to you? Give this a decent attention, for example, turn to a professional photographer and ask to make your portrait. And a warning for those who like to exhibit their half-naked torso in social networks: even if you could compete with antique statues, it doesn’t work on serious dating sites! An open, smiling face (close-up), stylish clothing that suits you this is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

Mistake 2: profile content does not catch attention.

There is nothing worse than same-type profiles on a dating site. All these “reliable cute guys with a cool job and a sense of humor who love to read books” run through the eyes of the girls like tedious ads even with a good title photo. Please, do not copy the profiles of other members (we always warn our newcomers against this)! Listen, it’s always better to show than to say in words.

For example, you’re fond of mountaineering or sailing – tell of your recent adventures and put into the gallery some related photos (better in a circle of friends) from the hikes, sailings etc. It’s boring to just list your business or science achievements. Post a picture (if you’re not a secret agent) of you in your office or in the laboratory, surrounded by colleagues and refer to it in the story of yourself: “…we’ve recently worked on the project ... it was exciting ...”. Mention something funny from your life. Let ladies see in you a real guy and not a dry list of merits.

Mistake 3: you seem too choosy.

It’s not good to instantly declare what physical parameters a chosen one should have. This can scare off and cause negative emotions in any lady, even corresponding to your ideal. Remember that you’re not perfect too. Focus on the moral qualities that you value in people and do not hurt anyone's self-esteem. However, courtesy does not mean that you have to hide your commitment to vegetarianism or aversion to smoking. This is really necessary to avoid embarrassing situations in the future.

Mistake 4: you used to start dating without reading ladies’ profiles.

This is one of the most glaring online dating mistakes of men. How do you act after noticing a beautiful photo of a girl? Immediately rush to get acquainted, on the fly preparing the appropriate compliment. Listen guy, reading the profile of the lady you like is worth your time! From here you can learn of the girl’s preferences, tastes and also about what she doesn’t like.

Without that necessary information, you risk falling into ignore, and for a long time trying to figure out what you did wrong. Therefore, we always advise our members to devote enough time to reading everything the girl’s written about herself and what is open to all who wish to visit her profile.

Mistake 5: you often send a heap of nonsense.

Here is another common online dating mistake men make – to fill in the girls' mail with banal and completely useless messages, such as “Hello!”, “How are you?”, “You're cute!” etc. These phrases aren’t useful, because all the girls on dating sites constantly get a bunch of them and don’t consider all these necessary to answer. Use humor, be creative and original and your message will reach the goal. And by the way, check your spelling! Errors in the text are a sign of frivolity.

Mistake 6: delaying a live date.

Your text message is not left unanswered? It's cool that you could show your sense of humor, you’ve found common topics of conversation and your tastes are much the same. But another serious online dating mistake is “sticking” in the correspondence. Do not forget about the importance of visual contact for growing up your love affair. Modern dating sites offer video calls, so you can start with them, but the first date should not be put off for a long time.

Mistake 7: you despair after the first rejection.

And the last but not the least mistake the guys make when dating online is to give up after the girl’s first refusal to go on a live date with you. Believe me, tact, humor and perseverance can change your situation for the better. If something didn’t work out with this girl, then you shouldn’t dwell on one option! Pay attention to many other pretty ladies and maybe you will soon find your one and only.

And in conclusion, experts from UaDreams advise you to believe in your lucky star, to avoid commonplace online dating mistakes made by men and, by posting your profile on our dating site, find your happiness with beautiful Ukrainian girls. Be sure that you are worthy of love!