Top signs of a bad first date

23 Apr 2023

Our agency UaDreams has been working more than 18 years. We are one of the most experienced agencies in such a sphere of full cycle dating services – from prior sellection of profiles of beautiful Ukrainian women from catalog to organization of offline dates and visits of our clients to any Ukrainian city. We provided hundreds of interviews with our clients and collected all awkward men’s mistakes on a first date that turned out to the last one. Let us introduce such typical mistakes of guys on a first date and some tips how to manage them.

First dates can be a total blast or a complete nightmare

Do not be late for a first date

It’s a simple but essential point – be in time. If you are late even by five minutes, start your first date with words of apologize and short explanation of reasons of your tardiness. Ukrainian women do like polite and attentive men, so your “Sorry for being late” could smooth the first negative impression. But remember – in Ukrainian tradition if a person is late more than 15 minutes, it’s a mistake and a sign to go away from a date without any remorse.

Your appearance is a first impression

Women hate untidy men, especially on their first date. Please, spend several minutes for washing, ironing and rearrangement of your clothes before you decided to ask her for a first date. It’s obvious that you need to for taking a shower, teeth cleaning and shaving before the date. Please, don’t appear on your first date after all night long party with your friends or another woman. You would feel bad and sIeepy while dating and every woman could decide that you have no serious intentions concerning your potential relationships.

Problems with alcohol or drugs

Don’t overdo with an alcohol or drugs before or during your first date. Of course, you could be a little bit nervous because of your first date with a woman, and it’s natural. But don’t think that couple of beers or even drugs could help you to be more funny and self-confident. It’s a frequent men’s mistake. Drugs are the worst idea in any case.

Not only stories about yourself beloved

Your first date is a clue for your next relationships, so, don’t talk only on your personality, but ask your partner on her hobbies, interests, lifestyle etc. Listen to her, because Ukrainian women could turn to a blind eye to physical appearance defects, but never on character traits like narcissism and rudeness. After your first date, no matter whether she gone on a bus or a taxi – call back to her and ask if she got home safely.

Racist, sexist or homophobic, and not raised?

If you want to waste your chance for a second date – don’t hesitate and make a lot of racist, sexist or homophobic jokes. Ukrainian women are very tolerant and after such jokes a woman could decide that you are not a hero of her life. Don’t be rude and arrogant with waiters or barmen – it’s unacceptable way of behavior on a first date.

All attention is to the woman, not the phone or email

It’s important – you appointed a date not with your phone, but with a beautiful woman. So, don’t make such mistakes – rejected calls from your office or friends, don’t text with your friend or play games on your mobile phone.

Do not flirt with others

It’s a crucial mistake on a first date. You are dating with a woman, so don’t flirt with a cute waitress or a next table woman. It’s a catastrophe.

Not pushing her if she does not want

Such a piece of advice concerns first kiss or even first sex on your dating. Ukrainian women could decide whether they want to do it with you, but don’t push on them in such a delicate sphere.

So, following our simple and obvious advice and you would be successful in dates with Ukrainian woman, because you’ll never make such mistakes. For checking whether you well-learned material that we provided you, push the button “Register now” and create your profile on our web-site for free. Our catalog of amazing Ukrainian women certainly contains your future partner for a first date, and, perhaps, for a long lasted relationships.