How To Become A Scam Victim of Popular Dating Scam Sites in Ukraine

11 Jul 2023

This moment confuses me a lot: one can find million of sources, blog pages, articles and posts on social platforms about dating scam threat and people are able to educate themselves with all of that. However still thousands of men from Western Europe and US are looking forward to being ripped off by young beautiful ladies from other countries via Ukrainian dating sites. And this story repeats every new single day!

According to several anti-scam sources foreign men were questioned about their purpose of being a member of some ukrainian dating site. So they confessed that they were ready to be tricked by scammers. Dating fraud is nowadays one of the most disputable issue among others within dating business platform and that is why below we give you some simple tips how to defend yourself from dating scam and fraud if you signed up to Ukrainian dating site.

Men from Western countries need to know some simple rules how to avoid being scammed easily from the first minutes. So our aim is to explain several evident signs that will warn you you are communicating with a scammer. What you need to do is to read signs accurately and try to analyze profiles you deal with. Check out the information and act quickly as time is all you need to keep you safe.

So, what you DON’T need to do.

#1. Search for a very young lady.

It is very easy nowadays no matter what age gap is. For example, you are between 40 and 60 and you see hundreds profiles of ladies younger than 30. Of course they will suit you as dating websites tell, luring you by beautiful photos and personal details in profiles.

You will never know who is at the back yard and whom you are speaking with as supposedly more than 80% of very young sweet ladies could be scammers hiding under the perfect profile.

#2. If the profile picture of your lady looks perfect and it causes no doubts at all.

Improving your appearance by photoshop using makes an image revolution referring to Dailymail source. You will not sell your goods in case your pictures are not processed. That is why many dating websites uses Photoshop services to adjust their images for better look for better attraction and selling communication services.

Indeed people could see those pictures before but they have never probably seen them photoshopped. Thus fraudsters know their way in showing their ingenuity in moderating photos. But the very good news is that you become closer to a scammer.

Remember the hotter the picture is the better the lie is. If too good to be true, you know that this is not your soulmate, just a fake.

What you gonna do? Make your own picture photoshopped as well! Make fun!

#3. Send money to a lady you have never seen in your life.

Psychologists say that in most cases victims want to be and to feel useful for their “beloved” even if they guess to be scammed.

Men want to be strong and to show their ability to help. They understand their power, that is obvious that is why they know if a woman asks for a help, they know how to help and if they have money they would definitely send them even if they get a heart stroke when the truth will be uncovered.

One men send money, other want to feel financial domination and to demonstrate their opportunities and not to demean.

#4. Falling in love with pro-daters and gold diggers who are professionals.

Pro-daters and gold-diggers get their cut in dating business making lots of fun everywhere. A girl can be real however she will never be interested in a man and his personality but his money only or enjoying free time.

It is better to understand that this is a scam as soon as possible but of course some people make themselves entertained. Sure your conversation would lead to a certain date arrangement and probably you will never postpone and you will even meet somehow. These ladies are really hot and they will never irritate you but remember that this game is a play only, you have a good time but this is all you get. Serious relationship? Kidding?

#5. Using questionable online dating services

Have you heard about dating website with very reputation? That means you will never meet anyone in real life, you will never have a non-virtual date but this is a perfect place for a flirting and seducing, training in romantic conversations and so and so on. Moreover this is a place where scams grows in favour!

Of course it is difficult to detect scam dating sites among others because they have perfect online platform with really good pictures and seems to be so real profiles. Here we refer to our tip #2. But if you definitely want to be scammed, go ahead.

They will never make you wait too long.

#6. Falling in love in 2 letters or messages.

This is a right sign: a lady falls in love with you after one or two short letters with you. She is a scammer. She just verify you to be lured and hooked and sure it works as men want to hear such ward and tender words.

She like to send you attachments with private pictures or songs or whatever to stick to you and make you think about details. Such details make everything to seem real. She will never ask you for money from the first letter, she has to be convinced that you are hooked and will wait until you are ready.

The irony is that men want to be loved and tricked in such sophisticated way and they are ready to put a great deal of money for that. Being scammed is like a kind of an adventure for them, they feel better, they feel power of being loved and cared, they understand and appreciate attention of a woman even if it’s a fake.

Dear men,

Remember that you are able to get scammed every minute if you want to be scammed, just using any free dating site. Fake ladies over there are waiting impatiently for … not you, not your personality but your status and financial capacities. But what a desperate point: all this stuff makes things very difficult, people are angry and upset finally not receiving what they search for. They never want to be lonely, that is the aim of all dating sites. But one kind of them make the right route, another - just fail.

So keep the instructions and avoid such signs. Be in safe and set the bar high. We are proud of you being with us and we really appreciate every single minute you trust us.