In Ukraine fraudsters cheated an American woman for $ 1.5 million

04 Jun 2023

Recently, as a result of joint operation of the Security Service of Ukraine and the USA Federal Bureau of Investigations, a group of frauds had arrested in Kyiv. Young men from Africa created a fake account in a social network. They pretended to be a businessman from the USA, who is working and living in Ukraine. A “businessman” became acquainted with a woman from the USA; they had established good online relationships. At the moment when she started to trust him, online dating scammers asked the lady for a help. A "businessman" tell her about problems with Ukrainian policemen who don’t allow him to return to the USA. For solving such a problem enamored woman transferred to his bank account sum in $ 1.5 million. During a search Ukrainian policemen seized a lot of special equipment, as well as bank documents that confirm reception of money.

How to identify a fake profile when meeting online

You need to realize that you could meet scammers in any social network or even on the web dating site. So, there are few tips that could cock up your ears and check your partner’s profile - is it fake or not. Please, be careful and check every profile in the next way:

1. Check a picture and name of your new online dating partner through Google or any searching system.

2. Be careful if profile information doesn’t correspond with the messages of your interlocutor or his particular features. If in private conversation she or he said that was born in the Great Britain, but her or his English is really bad, it’s a sign of online dating scammer.

3. Once your new online dating partner has gained your trust, he or she would ask you for a help in urgent situation that recently has happened. It could be a stolen purse with a significant amount of money, illness of a family member or whatever. An online dating scammer could also pretend that he or she fallen in love with you. Your partner wants to travel in your country for a date as soon as possible, but has no money for buying tickets from Ukraine to your country, booking hotel or cover other travel expenses. The main warning issue in such letters – your online dating partner is in urgent need of financial aid, your gifts or information on your credit card.

4. Protect yourself – don’t send anybody your personal data (mother's maiden name, number and expiry data of your credit card). Always think on a possibility that your partner could be an online dating scammer, particularly if you see warning signs listed above. Try to forget about emotions and take any decision without any haste.

5. Don’t share with a partner your personal photo or video, if you are only online dating partners with him or her. It could turn up that online dating scammers would start blackmailing you, using such materials.

How our web site could protect you from scammers

Our Anti-Scam program is the main clue point for protecting our members from online dating scam. pays particular attention to the personal data protection. Our online support is always in touch with our clients and provides them any help that they need to. Just click “Contact Us”, fulfill online form with all necessary information about potential scam behaviour in our web site or on an incidents that occurred with you.

Don’t hesitate to push “Create account” button, register on our web site and start you online dating conversation with Ukrainian woman with any fear of being cheated, because all women’s profiles on our web site are real and our anti-scam program is always working for your benefit.