Online Communication Fraud

10 Oct 2023

Still there is one of the prominent problems in the world - scam. And multiple reasons push companies from all over the world to defend their systems and take lots of measurements.

Let’s mention free networking websites that are top communication portals. Like Facebook or LinkedIn. More than 330 million users are registered on the second source. And scam cases are about to happen here just because of high level of sincerity and trust between members.

Victims receive messages from swindlers like from one of their friends, even from old ones but with a strange ad. So in case it is from the very old friend you have no doubts but interested to check this stuff out. There is a special form to fill in and actually the very next day you receive a call from someone you do not know. This person tries to explain you about his intention to send you a package - this was a start of your potential job they are going to involve you to. Real fraud. If you accept this challenge you will receive another phone call with the request to check the mailbox.

If you have read anything about different kind of online deceivers and swindlers that offer fee payment for helping them to proceed any financial operations - this is it. Just imagine a check for $3000 you have to accomplish, to make a shopping and the only thing you need to do is to give them back the difference you’ll get. Be sure such checks are just simple fraud. And as you see such safe networks can also be dangerous. Like any good dating website you are afraid to believe to, fraudsters look for the website with very high level of trust.

If you know the person you get such letter from, this won’t give you any suspicious reason to worry. As well as no time to reconsider, so you’ll just be interested to try this out. You definitely will be ripped off.

The case is that fraudsters hijack some of your friends profiles and try to use such connection with you or other users to find someone who will receive false checks.

Thereafter LinkedIn has been informed properly about this case but they have already started some of special programs of online scam and fraud investigation.

Indeed the very right decision to be made is to think a minute before someone is asking any personal information of yours. Just wait for a while. Then you will understand what to do. And do not forget to change your passwords regularly.