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23 Mar 2023

(From Recent Review by Sebastian H.) We have been kept the position of one of the biggest dating agency in Ukraine toward this day for years and it is really good to be the talk of the town. Today we have learned so many feed backs that they are really multivalued, they brace us up, they coordinate us to move forward and to get rid of any disadvantage of our tactics. And usually such facts are needed to improve our business carefully, to avoid old school business cliches that cause obvious fails and are not useful anymore. And indeed it’s a great pleasure to read really good and warm words, to feel care about our job and effective results.

First of all we want to thank him for his deep sincerity! It’s a big honour for us to have him interested and focused on our website, to scan main service problems and to express his attitude within scam issues warned by world dating industry.

Of course we are anxious about cons he mentioned and now we would like to comment some of them we distinguished to be the most important.

Sebastian mentioned that some services are not necessary to be offered on the website. To be specific - the idea is about letter decoration. Indeed we refer to our statistic, 7% members use this service, and never refuse to use it, thus it exists till now. Probably some younger men do not care about such useless feature however we have middle aged members who really enjoy that.

Our gift shop may seem very expensive for potential members, that’s true, however let us emphasize that the prices for products and services are reasonable as we do not represent them directly, for instance if a member is not able to find something he wants in the internet to send to a lady by himself, we can do that instead of him, easy and fast. We collaborate with good manufactures and producers who are responsible for their items. As a third party we take a fee for our job. As for dating pricing in general - it is justified for all communication services. UaDreams translation and interpreter services are on a high level as our staff improves necessary skills all the time. As a result - our member is satisfied with the efficiency and quality of the service. But we thank you for mentioning this and pricing issue would not be closed for our head management in the nearest future.

The next thing Sebastian marked that members have to pay extra for every small thing. Actually we provide all members with communication services of dating branch, thus each additional point goes only by the wish of a member. We do not push our people to buy something else except services of building stable contact between them.

We do not allow our members to exchange any personal data. That’s true. Our guess is that many members of ours hate us just because of that. However we consider this decision to be really effective against scam. We minimized the level of criminal issues in such a way but we feel some tension of members at the same time, as probably they used to have another options on other websites. But we underline that we take the whole responsibility on everything what happens within our dating system, but if outside - any situation is beyond our control. We can do nothing to help and we do not give any guarantee for people to meet in real life successfully or to avoid scam cases as well if they escape from the third party.

Concerning the point “You even have to pay if you want to open a picture that one of the girls sent you” it’s important to accentuate that UaDreams do not offer special suite of services, we focus on individual manner of each member to pick necessary services they want according to their wishes. They may choose additional ones or make changes in case they are lack of any, the system will offer most appropriate ones. For instance, one man likes to chat as much as he wants, thus he does not text with ladies via letters at all. So he’d rather purchase video chat minutes or video conference time instead. Another man is shy and adores distance, romantic letters and pictures of a good quality, he does not like much attention thus he’d spend some money on photo credit of course.

“It is questionable if all the girls on this site are really looking for a partner or if they have other motives” - stressed Sebastian. Yet it is difficult to find the proper answer to this question offline as well. In this case the only thing we can offer is number of services that may help to know a person better, like video conference or phone call. Real intentions can be expressed by emotions, gesture, mimics. Specific questions would lead to serious talk and who knows, you need several months of regular conversations or just several minutes to understand and accept your choice. Anyway, very often in real life people still learn to understand each other and length of this way depends on their intentions.

The last point and the most important one to specify - “You don’t have a chance to communicate with the women outside of the agency”. To feel all men and women relaxed, uplifted, not being embarrassed with some bizarre website design and manner of dating services offer we try our best to give a belief, not a hope, but real opportunity to meet each other in real office, to communicate, to see if they match each other.

And we love to care about such sensitive and sophisticated event: we offer our assistance in trip planning, meeting arrangement and all details setting. Thus you should not be anxious about difficulties with arrival. All you need is to find the proper words to each other and our role is to perform them to your interlocutor in a perfect way. Besides, right after first meeting in the agency, you will be able to communicate without the help of the agency. We will not interfere to relationships built up by two people and focused on each other!

It’s a real pleasure for us to see main pros distinguished by Sebastian as well.

Yes, we give a chance to all people to try our services for free. That means you are able to register for free and to use first credits for free as well, this will help you to concentrate on the website work and probably will help you to understand if you want to stay as a member or to leave. This is a choice of a member. In case he does not like it, he will be removed right after his request.

Women of UaDreams.com are real, we verify their documents, interview them to see if they are really interested to be here or just want to waste their time with luring men and scamming them. We understand the dating market situation and swindlers to be shifty with earning money today, however each day we work hard to prevent our members from fraud and scam situations. And in case of any complain we are ready to investigate the issue as soon as possible as the deal is not only about the money of a member but about his emotional comfort.

We are completely transparent about our prices, we work with stable payment processors that allow to transfer the money safe and easy and prevent from any risky financial operation. Probably you guess that we should care about our system defense as well. Thus we accept payments only from confirmed profiles. Thus no bots or fraudsters could be registered in UaDreams.com, but detected by system filters immediately.

Our staff is open for each new idea regarding customer and technical support of the website, entire membership, personal matchmaking and comfort in general. We have our stable system of work that gave us more than 11 years experience of successful results, so we like to move on and to share our happiness with others. So share this post if you like it:)

UaDreams.com is ready to see you!