Why someone are not satisfied with our services

01 Mar 2024

All Reviews of Our Members Are to Be Investigated.

When loneliness is killing you Internet is the best decision to obtain for getting acquainted easily. No one will tell you “Shame on you!” as you are sitting at home and just browsing lots of bright profiles of young ladies admittedly from Ukraine on numerous dating websites. To cut a long story short, you do not like to spend money on thing that you cannot touch or see and what is more accept incredulously.

You can hardly believe in success: how come you can meet a person from other part of the world that will match you completely? Among hundreds of dating business websites you can distinguish those that have non-free services (you crossed pack of pages about scam and fraudsters on free dating websites), you still believe that nice, kind, beautiful, sincere and simple lady is searching you, a noble, educated, smart and responsible man from abroad.

However you ran and ran through the ocean of communication online, but still – no result. Your meetings failed and your heart is broken. Each new experience has its colour regulations, hope is less attractive than before. Let us analyze the reasons why it is so. Is that true that mostly the scheme of work, dating business management can cause such a negative effect? Does in tend to influence on a relationships?

It is important to admit that all feed back, notices, claims, suggestions and complains we receive from our males are to be observed, analized and accomplished accordingly.

Bad Experience: Member Unsatisfied.

There is one review we would like to pay your attention to.

Our member notified that he received two completely different letters in style and length from one lady. Of course he considered this to be an old scam, he really was doubt if this lady had a profile on UaDreams.com. So he has an idea that women here are over 40 years old or letters can be written by male translators or whatever. That was really strange for him as he was about to believe in true relationship within dating website.

So our Members Support Center investigated this problem immediately.

In response to this we should mention that this man has already received full explanations from lady who sent these two letters. Indeed lady did not refuse to send two letters, which was supposed to be as she had changed her mind after sending the first one. The style of the second letter was entirely different from the previous one, as the translation was made by a new translator who wasn’t aware of this situation. Letters are to be written by lady herself, we provide her with the translation. Two different translators have not been informed about the existence of another letter which caused misunderstanding. We supposed human factor will be taken into account as we are dealing with live people with mistakes.

Such accusation confused us a lot as people have different wishes and abilities in writing letters and changing their mind. You see, Ukrainians are open people, they are always ready for the dialogue that is why we advise our members to get in touch with each other via Video Chat for example when you see person alive, face and emotions, reactions to the words, etc.

Of course we do not try to prevaricate instead of admitting our guilt. We did our best to check the work of our translator asking them to be more attentive. You see their main job - fast and professional translation – should be done correctly and properly, however hard work and high volume of members requests due to the services they obtained could definitely retard the process of fixing the issues. Anyway this is our duty to monitor the level of our service and we are thankful to all members for their sincere feedback, good or bad.

If to continue with other feed backs of UaDreams members we would like to signify our wish to speak on a certain issue: two-sides position. Let’s review one of messages from a member of ours and make the explanation simultaneously to each point.

What Is Expensive.

We would like to touch one of the main points within online dating services: non-free membership and services to pay for. Though UaDreams has FREE membership we have list of services to be paid. So let us see one of the experiences of a man from UaDreams.com who keeps using our services.

First of all we want to mention his words about “good service for silly money” – this is not possible! Besides, well-known video chat – a modern and popular service nowadays are not cheap due to technical programming. Sure we would like to analyze all points carefully but simultaneously.

Correspondence: No Complains.

If to mention letters – all of them are translated fast and accurately. Actually UaDreams staff requires high level of work and responsibility; that is why it is necessary to spend less time to translate and to accomplish letters. Man refers to his going out, it’s like to date a woman in Europe or USA cost a lot of money. So what’s wrong with paying for letters? It is a normal and obvious way of paying attention to a lady. Speaking about dating online – yes, it’s the shot in the dark! However not one is completely safe with dating outside.

You may find those dishonest ones who want your money rather than heart, on a distance or next to you. You just have to be cautious.

Our member advises others to be sure about correspondence. Usually a lady is informed on the phone, then – she comes to the agency and replies or she may tell by phone what to. Actually men receive their response directly from ladies. Our translators do not have access to personal information of our members to use it on other profits. So it is a great priority to keep vulnerable members from being scammed.

Women of Ukraine.

Indeed the reason why all men from all over the world come to Ukraine to find their wives is rather simple: our women are smart, beautiful, educated, responsible and etc. But the main reason is that all of them are really mature enough for creating a family instead of foreign ladies who are streaming for carrier path.

We refer to the letter, mentioning that women life here in Ukraine is considered to be really hard with employment and medical insurance issues. Taking into account two-years events within political situation we underline that it is not simple to smooth one’s life with single effort of a lonely person. Dating online probably one of those ways that could help to experience all troubles together with someone, to have a real family and be strong and happy unin.

Fidelity in Relationships.

Our male member (we won’t tell his name as we promised to leave it in a secret) considers our agency to be one of those (not the only but one of several ones) good organizations who are like a buffer between difficulties that appear when two people of different countries with quite different cultures, languages and mentally experience some troubles with that. Free dating websites can offer you Skype or online translator to use, just for free but that won’t save you from misunderstandings on details conversation hold on with. Our member complained regarding dating website for free, where online translator will never forwarded the immediate translation with the necessary sense. Speaking about photos..well, breaking part is awful or completely unnatural. Remember: if you ask a lady to send her private one she will definitely do that on UaDreams and it entirely will be similar to the primary one from her profile. That won’t be done with the photos from free website.

The last thing we want to mention according to the message review from our member – we do not pay money to our women for each letter they write. Actually there is no need to do this as both sides are interested in seducible dating thing. Life is giving lots of advices to be careful and wise, in spite of many failures you will be able to win!


The Worst Dating Websites.

Here we maintain another issue: marketing maneuver to bring their members back to the websites. For example, other men are furious about non-availability to contact a lady on different websites simultaneously.

This is like a chain: women can have profiles on other websites and their aim is to bring all good men from legitimate websites to the main website she receives money from. This is a business and how it works form making money, as one of our members says in his review.

The first point it should be admitted that we do not have a right to prohibit our ladies to be on other websites and she does has a choice where to get in touch with male members. But! We do not support those ladies who are trying to communicate with the same member on different websites simultaneously as in this case we ought to take a responsibility of the consequences and irrevocable mistakes.

A Safe Place for A Single Lady.

So we continue our analysis with members’ invitations to UaDreams.com. What does it mean when a lady asks us to create profile using your email address? Well, we underline that all female members are provided with free services here, including letters exchanging, photo and video sharing and etc.

And from our side - we encourage them to invite their male or female friends if they are in search for a beloved and surely need our assistance in this matter. We guarantee them being secured from sex tourism, maniacs and others. What is more, they are concerned with questions and doubts regarding foreign language studying, visa arrangements, and meetings with members. So you understand that would be difficult to discuss everything by their own means with the help of online translator that searches equivalents to the word separately but without general and main sense of the whole abstract.

Obviously men can consider such lady's behavior to be obtrusive in some way, however if she found you somewhere on the dating field – isn’t that a green light for her?

Sex Expectations.

Let us go up to another part of the whole picture: sexual feelings, hopes and expectations from dating relationships. Virtual dating is to be considered for many men as an opportunity for Ukrainian women having obvious sex with foreign men and extracting money for it somehow. OK. Let’s see: letters from a lady is full of passion, hopes and tenderness but men used to wonder why all of that disappears when couple meets alive? Is that false picturing of love making all men drowning into virtual love ocean with spending money permanently? The principal of humility assumes that you can fall into temptation just like anybody else. You are not tied with obligations and responsibility like other men consider. Great part of men from UaDreams judged the situation based on their culture and not the Ukrainian traditional morals. Because their disappointment showed on their faces and demeanor and the lady discontinued relationship because she felt she would always disappoint her man. Her decision was based on his ignorance (c).

Let us give you an abstract of our member’s letter to Support Center: “do not have expectations of the lady’s passionate kiss or behavior on the first meeting or even longer. Do not have any expectations other than the women are ‘true’ and faithful and once they feel love it will remain always”. Had I really known traditional morals and society expectations, I would have expected far less from my first visit with my lady”.

Probably this is the main reason leading to misunderstandings with dating agencies meeting. We accepted suggestions about the website and information regarding culture and traditions with respect to Ukraine.

That should be underlined again: Ukrainian social traditions are far different from most other countries. Just because a lady may sign a letter with “hot kisses” etc. – it does not mean she is ready for that at the first meeting. Traditional values are to be slow and even ‘rebuild’ the communications that were in chat or letters.


To be continued...