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Support questions

Support: Good evening, Francis!
All ears.
You: Hello, I would like to 39years old beautiful lady photo
Support: Please see the section 39years old beautiful lady photo
Happy to help

All about internet dating scam
We always aspire to improve our services making them more useful and convenient. We will be glad to get any your proposals about upgrading our site and services. Please, write here your ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative. Only with your help we will make our services better and more convenient for you!.


At End of chat, Add button on that page to buy more time
At End of chat, Add button on that page to buy more time
A small error in your text on dating tours page
NOTE: New Year, Christmas, Easter, Trinity, Constitution Day, and Independence Day are holiday days in Ukraine and translator's work is to be paid at the double rate. This means that 2 hours of translation will be counted as 1 hour if you take advantage of interpreter's assistance during the mentioned days. This means that 2 hours of translation will be counted as 1 hour I think you mean the contrary : 1 hour counted as 2 Take care :)
National days in the ukraine
Isn't a idea to have a list on the site of the national days of the Ukraine with the info what its about. because Christmas in the western is in December and in the Ukraine its in January. And like defenders day whats is it about and the history about it.
UADreams Mobile App
Most websites nowadays have a mobile application for smartphones. It would really be nice to see you guys develop a UADreams Mobile App.
Daylight Saving Time
With regards to video chat and the option to sellect "your time zone" you need to take in the consideration Daylight Saving Time, in which some states here in Australia move their time forward 1 hour. So for the next 6 months the time that was setup in video chat is going to be incorrect. I think you need the option to add and minus the hour for Daylight Savings.
Chat rejection..

Just a thought... While most of you choices are excellent; I do believe you should add one which apologizes but states that you are involved with another lady. 

After Writing Your Letter
It would be very helpful and less time consuming, that if after writing your letter to your lady(click Send) then after the question to decorate your letter, your next step should be like it was before (Go to Sent mail). Instead of (go to Inbox). I personally want to view the letter I just wrote.

Also, thank you for adding the different responses to the chat portion of the site. Even though I had a good reason or had NO chat time left, I always hated not answering a lady contacting. So again, thanks.
Video Chat
I am often at work when my lady can chat. It would be nice to chat on my Android phone. Perhaps you can create an app for my phone for your site to include chat or at least use another method of web-chat that is compatible with my phone. I am sure the upgrade would pay for itself with the amount of people who would use it.
Time Zone on the site

** On the site, you call the specified time as New York GMT zone. You presently give the user the choice to specify their own time zone, which is a great way to accommodate all users regardless of where they live. I suggest that the wording be:
“Choose your Time Zone” instead of “Choose your GMT zone”
Because “Choose your GMT zone” means: Choose your Greenwich Mean Time zone.
Greenwich has only 1 time zone. We do not have a choice. But we can choose our own time zone, which is internally computed as an offset of the GMT.
**On Chat, you indicate the following:
Will be soon by ……time zone……. GMT time.
I suggest it to read as follows:
Soon, will be available to chat (According to ….time zone…. Local time).
Where “…time zone…” is the local time that the user chooses from the list, with a default of “USA – New York”

video chat
when I can not chat, it only gives me limited choices to
explain why I can not chat....there should be a box to insert
a few words, like:
* no chat minutes
* am busy writing E-mail
* tomorrow
* maybe later (and no just 15 min. but hours later)
* I will get back to you
* some other time, yes
* can't chat, am looking terrible right now
* I like you, but my other girl is also in chat room (really:)

....and so on

thank you for your consideration

The rest of your website is outstanding fabulous.

New Format
I REALLY do like very much how you display all the Ladies photos and incorporate their profiles with them,pure genuis. It is if you were looking at a photo album that any of your Ladies personally gave to you to look at themselves. I compliment whoever came up with this idea.
Very nice...
Very nice changes, what a pleasant surprise when I went to a letter I received today... The changes are very helpful for me as you have dramatically improved the delivery of the photography. Excellent enhancements to the site, thank you.

One change I noticed that was important to me was information about children...which to me is very many children the lady has, ages and maybe even a little more.

I love children and am probably only interested in a lady under 40 if she has children.

Again, thank, you are a very good organization, I like the way you do all that you do, it is not just about making others.

Pop Up Live Video Chat

Remove from mobile application.Video pop up appears and must be chased(pursued)across screen and responds poorly both when blocked or declined. Thank you

Idea for the new mailbox
while in the mailbox it would be nice to be able to see a picture of the woman who wrote when i place the cursor over her name
Thank you answer
Dear Sir / Madam Lately I’ve been contacted by some of you’re beautiful women. Even though they were all very attractive none of them had those characteristics which I’m looking for in a woman. Since I appreciated their interest in me I couldn’t find a proper answer from the ones listed in your suggestions to thank them anyway without offending anyone. Is it be possible to suggest another way to thank a lady who has shown interest in a more simple and polite manner? For example: I appreciate the interest you’ve shown in me but I’m looking for someone who matches more my criteria’s. Kind regards Stanley
please add my country in UAdreams List
I am from Palestine, i join UAdreams when i start to create my profile and i try to find my beloved country in the list but unfortunately i didn't find it, so i try to find the nearest country to Palestine and i found Jordan, and i register that i am from Jordan/ Amman, i know my country under Israel occupation and my country name changed to Israel but i am still Palestinian, so please i asking to Add Palestine to the list same as other countries like Jordan and Israel. Palestine / Jerusalem, this my country name and our capital
Reply to letter from lady.
Rather than begining each 'Thank you, but' with the word Sorry. Would it not be better/more aproapriate to begin with the lady's Name. Or words like, I'm very sorry but. Unfortunately at this time I. My darling. Or my sweetheart. Each of these would offer a less severe reply, than a plain Sorry, which seems a a little harsh, for a delicate flower (beautiful lady). I trust you may see the reasoning behind my sugestions. & maybe put them into practice. Yours. M R GEE.
Notification - videochat

The possibility to get a notification when one of your favorite ladies is online for video chat.

Time Zones

Now you are able to choose the Time Zone in your profile. This will give you an opportunity to receive Chat Invitations according to the time you have assigned in your profile. Besides, in 'Will be soon list' you will also see the time according to the Time Zone you have chosen.

To choose your Time Zone you are to click 'Edit my profile'(on your profile page). You will see the page 'Create My Personal Account'. In the list of options you will see 'Time zone' at the bottom of the list. Simply choose your Time Zone and don't forget to confirm your changes by clicking 'Ok, I've done it, what's next?'.



Improved Search options — multiply choice

On the search page ("Gallery of Ladies"), many of the search options only let you choose one of the options. eg. Hair Color. I can choose ONE of brown, black, red, blonde, etc. But what if I want to search for all ladies that have either brown OR black hair? If you change all the popup menus to list boxes where we can choose multiple items by holding down the ctrl or shift keys, then the search options become more flexible. Thanks! :)

Link to conversation history on the lady's profile page under her photo.
I would like to have a link underneath the lady's photo on her profile page that goes to our conversation history. Otherwise it is necessary to go to my mailbox and then history and then choose the lady. That is too many clicks and is currently not connected to the lady's profile page.

I want to get the message to my cell phone with notification that I received a letter from the lady.

There are so many different dates for lovers, how about a calender with all these dates? like Valentine and Women's day. But I have heard about there are special dates for women names as well, but when? I hope you understand that I want an overall calender with special dates for lovers.

Now you are able to make your letter more emotional and interesting! While writing a letter to your beloved you can add emoticons that will make it more vivid.


Do you know that now you are able to have a draft of the letter if it wasn't sent by any reasons? If you didn't send the letter to your beloved because of any reason our system saves the copy for you. The next time you will try to reply to your letter you will find the draft.


I was wondering, I like to print the letter ladies have sent to me. Is there a way to print the letter, with a photo of her? That way, I can tell who has written the letter without, looking it up. Hope that makes sense.

able to add to the list of Favorite ladies

 When you see someone that you want to talk to (in Chat list and in Chat pop ups) but you really don't have the time right now, if you could save that person's profile to the list of Favorite and come back in a few days and be able to find then without a waste of time looking for her.

Birthday reminders
There is only one lady on the site for me and I intend to marry her. Unfortunately I am the typical mail and forget important days like the anniversary of when we first started communicating and her upcoming birthday. I would like it if I could set an alarm clock device in the site so that I am reminded a week ahead of time of these 2 important dates for us. Allowing me to set the date for the alarm/reminder notice would allow me to send gifts in time for them to arrive on our special day.
History include winks
Hi. I can't see anywhere who I have sent winks to, and I'd like to be able to see that. It would be good to see that in both my sent letters mailbox, but also in the history for each lady as well. Thanks! :)
Link to a map
Maybe you could put a link on the ladies details page to a map of where they are located. It would help in knowing visually where in the Ukraine they are located.
eye color - in the ladies search?
Is it possible to maybe add 'eye color' as a criteria? Such a green eyes :-D or blue, or hazel, brown, etc...
Gallery of Ladies.
It would be very good to be able to search by education level. Many girls appear when I do a search, but when I read about their education level, sometimes the level is not high. Since I am searching for a lady with a minimum of a B.A. education, but preferably an M.A. education, it would be very good to be able to search by education level. I hope this feature can be added soon.
Provide a map with each branch description showing where the branch is
English-Russian Romance Dictionary
can you put up the same but then from English to Ukraine or even better, add an audio file so you can hear how to say the words.
Mulitple folders for inbox

I would like there to be multiple folders to save different ladies in different groups. Like one folder for ladies I'm actively writing frequently. One folder for ladies I have some interest in. One folder for history. One folder for little interest. etc.

Spell Checker

It became easier to check spelling of words! Think only about the letter to your lady, don't digress on spelling and misprints. Leave this point to UaDreams!

This useful feature will check spelling of words and find other mistakes. To check your text just click to the link "Abc" below your new letter.




Viewing Letter History

I believe it could be a simple amendment to add the option of Letter History to the Favourite Ladies Screen as, you can see any outstanding (unopened) letters, photos or videos. Thanks

a message of thanks

I like to have the opportunity to thank to the girls who write to me but with whom I do not wish to correspond in a single free message.

There should be an option where we can reply to the ladies that write us, letting them know why we can't reply to them, like a small explanation so we don't seem rude when we don't reply to them. For example, Sorry, I'm already talking to somebody else. Or... Sorry, I see you smoke. Something that has no more than 100 characters in length for free.


Age of Children, etc.

I think it would be a great idea if the profiles (both male and female) list the age/s of children they have as well as they live with the profile owner or live separately.

Print options in the history section

I would like to see a print option that allows for printing of all letters written.Even those written by me.I would like to make a book of all of our correspondence and this would help a lot.

About gift shop



Extend Astrology matches

You include astrological identification. What about a reference section that matches those star signs? And I've noticed some ladies write about Chinese astrology. eg. Year of Dog, Rat etc. So that can be also included in profile details and have a reference section of matches for that as well?


Video Chat will be a perfect idea to get to know your lady better after a few emails. You will see how she acts and smiles, ask questions and get answers at the same time. You will see her when she thinks about your questions...

If you even didn't choose the lady you can start chatting with any lady who is online right now. Purchase chat minutes and use them by your choice. For example, 5 minutes with one lady, 10 minutes with other lady, etc.

Your response to our suggestions and ideas.

At some point and time, it would be nice if you would comment on our suggestions and ideas. This would let us know if you plan to impliment the idea, when you plan on doing it, or if you are going to disregard the idea. Allowing us to give input is great, I commend you for it, but surely you will know after a month or so if you plan to do anything about it. I think a direct response from you will aid this format you have instituted and give us a better idea as to whether this is helpful or in vain.

Digital Clocks

I would like to see a digital clock of the current times on the webcam page next to each city.I know there are clocks when the cams are on,but I usually write late at night here and have to guess what time it is there.Maybe there could be a digital clock under or next to where the cam is.


Would it be possible to have an edit feature for letters already sent but not yet recieved? Sometimes I will need to add to or make a change to a letter already sent. Thanks.

New Services/Web Page additions
It would be nice if you could email everyone to let them know you have added something to your web site. I found the "new ideas" by accident. We don't need to know all technical changes, just additions that are available to us.
Language Abilities

Currently, there is no one way of listing an ability with language. Therefore, can a universal system be created so we can see to what ability a lady can speak a langauge. "With Dictionary/Vocabulary" does not explain all! I propose a system of numbers to indicate ability as below: 1 = Beginner (means just a few words) 2 = Basic (means a few sentence) 3 = Intermediate (means that can hold a basic conversation, not complicated subjects) 4 = Advanced (can hold conversations about advanced subjects to good descriptive degree) 5 = Fluent (means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking) Please consider this! It could be the same for men as well...

Offering us a chance to suggest ideas is a great idea!

I do wish I had a feature that would enable me to re-arrange the order of my favorites, so that I could put my most favorite first, second favorite second, third third, etc. And, I wish i could sort my favorits by their city. So, I could put all the ladies I like in Kiev together. How are those for ideas?

SMS to lady

We gladly offer you a new service on our site. Now you have a great opportunity to send your lady a text message through our service expressing your love and care or just wishing her a Good Day or Good Night! Your SMS can contain up to 140 characters and will cost you just 1 email credit. If we receive it from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. Ukrainian time we'll translate and deliver it within an hours sending your SMS straight to your lady's cell phone. How happy she will be to hear from you this special way. Once again you'll prove her your true feelings and she'll surely appreciate it!

Romantic decoration of letters

Now you have a unique chance to send your lady a truly romantic and unforgettable letter! You can decorate your letter and make it look more romantic. Use this new option and make your letter really unique and special for your beloved one. Get under her skin!

Video slideshow

What is this? Video slide show is TV-quality music video using any photos and any melodies. Our slide show videos have the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a music video. No two videos are ever the same. The lady chooses photos and her favorite music, we then process the data and create fabulous and unique video file that delivers a sense of romance to your relationships.

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