25 years old from Kyiv

  • Birth Date

    16 February

  • Height

    159 cm5' 2''

  • Weight

    42 kg92 lbs

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  • Build

    slim (slender)

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  • Occupation

    Ballet dancer

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

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  • My Languages

    Ukrainian Fluent

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Relationship, Dating

Ruslana 3818

The type of man that I desire

The man I want must be, above all, sincere and kind. Kindness is the value I value most, and I would like my partner to share my belief in the importance of acts of kindness and empathy for others.

I truly believe that true love is built on mutual respect and support. The man of my dreams should be able to support me in my aspirations and ambitions, just as I will support him. We must be a team where everyone feels respected and important.

Determination is another important trait that I value. My partner must have his own goals and dreams and a willingness to work towards achieving them. Together we can inspire each other to grow and develop.

Balance is key in a relationship. We are both busy with our own affairs and passions, but it is important to find time for each other. The man I'm looking for must be willing to devote attention to our relationship and spend quality time together.

And, of course, respect for my profession and passion for ballet is a prerequisite. I would like my partner to understand the importance of my art and be proud of my achievements.

The man of my dreams is someone who enriches my life, inspires me to do great things, and with whom I can build a happy and respectful partnership.

What I do in my leisure time?

In my free time, which I don’t have much of as a ballerina, I try to find a balance between an active lifestyle and relaxation. My life is filled with rehearsals and touring, but there are a few important things that give my life joy and meaning.

One of these things is the charity work that I do to help Ukrainian soldiers. This is my small opportunity to pay tribute to those who serve in the army and support those who find themselves in difficult conditions. I collect funds, send parcels with necessary goods and write letters of gratitude. It makes me happy and gives me a sense of belonging.

Spending time in nature is my way to relax and recharge my batteries. I love flowers and potted plants. I have a real little flower paradise in my house. Taking care of them is my form of meditation and allows me to take my mind off the hustle and bustle.

The love of the sea and the beach is another passion that I devote time to when I have the opportunity. The sound of waves, soft sand underfoot and stunning sunsets create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection.

Active recreation is an opportunity for me to maintain my physical fitness and diversify my leisure time. Bike travel, hiking, yoga or just running along the coast all give balance and energy to my life.

My free time may be limited, but I try to make every moment bright and memorable. This is a time for self-expression, relaxation and helping those in need. These moments make my life real and rich.

My typical day

A typical day for me starts at dawn. As a professional ballerina, early morning is my time for morning exercise and stretching. This is an integral part of my preparation for a difficult day of training and rehearsal.

After my morning classes, I enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. This nectar helps me recover and prepare for an active day.

Then I plunge into the world of the book. Reading is my escape and way to relax after morning workouts. I can read a book in the silence of my cozy corner or during flights between tours.

Lunch is an important time for me. I try to prepare healthy and balanced meals to keep my body in great shape. This is not only part of taking care of your health, but also a little joy during the day.

After lunch I often go to practice or rehearsal where I can express myself and improve my ballet skills.

Evening is my time to meet open and interesting people. I love the company of those who share my passion for the arts and cultural diversity. I often meet with colleagues or friends in a cafe, where we share our impressions and discuss our plans and projects.

My life is a constant movement, and every day brings new challenges and opportunities. I love my profession, coffee, books, travelling and communicating with open people. These elements make my day special and inspire me to achieve new things.

But in my typical day, there is no mention of a loved one, which makes me very sad. Support, mutual understanding and love are things that can inspire and give wings not only to one partner but also to two. So maybe it's you?

About my family

My family is a source of endless love, support and inspiration. In it I am surrounded by my mother, stepfather and my younger sister, and they play a special role in my life.

My mother is my reliable support and teacher. She was always there, supporting me in my ballet endeavors and trying to give me self-confidence. My mother and stepfather are an example of love and mutual understanding. Their relationship is a model for me and I am proud of how they support each other in everything.

My younger sister is the most important person in my life. Her endless admiration for my achievements and her belief in me always motivates me to move forward and achieve greater things. We spend fun time together, share secrets and support each other in any endeavour.

Family is my refuge and a place where I can be myself. My family taught me the value and importance of close relationships and love. It is thanks to them that I feel strong and ready for new challenges in the world of ballet and life in general. My family is my forever support and source of inspiration.

How would I describe myself

My name is Ruslana - and I see so much in the world of ballet. Art is my passion, my muse, my way of self-expression. From a very early age I was immersed in the world of grace, movement and music, and it has since become an integral part of my life.

My kindness is what matters to me. I believe that even small acts of kindness can change the world. I strive to do good and support those around me, be it family, friends or strangers. My openness and desire to support others help me form deep connections with people.

I am purposeful and focused on achieving my goals. Ballet requires work and constant dedication, and I am ready for this challenge. My determination helps me overcome obstacles and grow as an artist and person.

And yet, behind all these aspects of my personality there is one important desire - to bring beauty into this world. Ballet is my way of sharing this beauty, my way of telling the world how amazing and multifaceted it is.

My future goals are

My future goals in life represent my passion for ballet and my desire to make the world a brighter and better place. My goal is to continue to improve my skills and become an integral part of the ballet scene. I want to participate in new works and classic productions, making my contribution to the arts. I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to young talents teaching ballet. My goal is to help them reach their potential and become outstanding artists. I am inspired by a variety of art forms.

I strive to participate in collaborative projects that combine ballet with other creative forms such as painting, music and theater. My kindness and desire to help others motivate me to participate in charitable and educational initiatives aimed at supporting young talents and those in need. An important aspect of my goals is taking care of my physical and spiritual well-being. I strive for work-life balance. The world is a source of inspiration. I dream of continuing to travel, discover new cultures and be inspired by the diversity of the world.

My future goal is to find a partner who shares my values ​​and supports my aspirations. I dream of a family where mutual understanding and love reign.

All my goals fill my life with meaning and passion. I am ready to work to bring them to life and share my inspiration with the world. My kindness, openness and determination will be my companions on this exciting journey.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The opinion about Ruslana cannot be other than positive and admiring. She is an exceptional person who inspires us with her talent, kindness and determination. Ruslana is an open person who greets everyone who comes into her life with respect and warmth. Her ability to form deep connections with people and be a support to friends and family is an immeasurable gift.

All these qualities make Ruslana an inspiring and amazing person. We are proud to have her as our friend and inspiration. Her example shows us how we can be successful in art while maintaining kindness and openness in our hearts.