Dating in Quarantine COVID-2020

15 Feb 2024

One day you woke up and realized that there was no need to be in a hurry and to go to work, to visit relatives or to meet with friends. You understood that you are at home with your beloved person and you will stay at home for a while. At first, that sounds like fun and a lot of people can’t even imagine that they will have to stay at home for a long time. For sure, this is a new experience and a new reality. That sounds funny but only at first because for some people it becomes a reality for a long time. So let’s get started and find out what may be good or bad for your relationships, what development may be, what you should expect, and get ready for.

Dating in QuarantineThere was a survey, and a lot of couples shared their experience. A lot of people said that they managed to find out something new about the partner, more than 50 percent could strengthen their relationships and a lot of engaged couples declared that they remembered what they loved about their partner. Read the article and you’ll find out how your relationships will develop, what expect, and what to pay attention to.

Honeymoon again

You are at the very beginning of the quarantine and you are at home with your partner, that’s a new experience for both of you because you have never spent so much time together. Only during your honeymoon when you were 24/7 together, enjoying time, and being happy. Right now you are having the second honeymoon with your partner, you are excited and positive, you don’t think that it may last for a long time.

You believe that it’s time for new experience, you make love during the lunch break at your home office, cooking dinner together every day, and discussing what movie to watch today, who chooses and why it’s not your turn this time. You and your partner become closer, you spend more time together and know each other better. Although, you go to the next stage. Let’s find out what stage it is.

Annoyance to each other

You have known something new about your partner and not all information and habits make you happy. He didn’t wash his plate or forgot the socks under the sofa, she forgot about makeup and you would like to see her pretty every day. Finally, you realized that it won’t finish soon and you will have to stay at home together for two, three weeks or maybe a month or so.

You remember the time when you missed your partner when you were in a hurry to see him or her at home, you wish to get this feeling and emotions back. However, not now, right now everything that you can do is to stay at home and dream about the time when you don’t have to spend every minute together at home.

Stage of psychic experiences

For sure, this moment will come when you start thinking about this situation all the time. You are bored at home, you wish to go out with friends, to drink a cup of coffee in the café. Although, you are at home now and you don't know when you can do what you want. You think a lot about your relationships, the aim, and the future.

As we wrote you have already seen your partner’s habits and the deeds that make you crazy and right now you have so many thoughts in your head. You are choosing the right decision about what to do. There are some variants that you can do. The first one is to be silent and the second one is to talk but do this gently, avoiding conflicts. In other cases, you get on the fifth stage.

Inevitable conflicts

Being on this stage means telling your partner what you don’t like but it’s better to start with positive, at the beginning of your conversation tell everything that you like about your beloved person. Of course, psychologists suggest discussing everything, especially when there is something that you don't like. Think about the details before the talk with your partner.

Choose the right words and intonation not to offend. Be open and sincere. To understand each other and to hear each other is a good start for changing the relationships. Make peace not war and your life will be happy and full of love.

Destruction or vice versa strengthening relations

Stay positive and remember that it’s so easy to destroy what you have been building for years and you have to find power and energy to overcome all the difficulties. Right now your relationships will get new development or you won’t be a couple anymore. Being on the 5th stage it is important to find a constructive and to move to strengthen relations, this is not the first quarantine and it will also end one day. We hope that our tips will help with this.