Why Ukrainian Women Don’t Want to Be Single

24 May 2023

Gone are the days when a woman not married by a certain age was frowned at in public opinion and was considered defective. Today more and more women in Europe and USA are deliberately staying alone, flatly stating: "I do not want to get married!" Why does it happen so? One of the main reasons is the financial security of women. A modern working woman is able to provide for herself same as men, and often even better. Typically, such beliefs are guided by a pragmatic ladies, for whom a husband is mainly the breadwinner, they do not simply need him to play a different role. Perhaps one of the most common reasons that a woman doesn't want to marry when a girl is a witness to the bad attitude between her father and mother, she forms a negative stereotype of family life in general. She's afraid to get married, and this fear is primarily associated with fear of recurrence models of the parental household. Some beautiful single women have too high requirements to the life partner. Desire to meet a "Prince on a white horse" may well be the cause of forced female loneliness. Also hot single chicks who are spoiled by male attention, also do not hurry to get married. Usually they are pretty good on their feet both in terms of their profession and financially, they have a lot of male friends and colleagues who give them everything they need, including sex. In the life of such a woman there are enough men and she cope without them at home.

Single Women on UaDreams

Ukrainian women have a bit different views. Almost each one of  single Ukrainian ladieshopes to meet a wonderful man who will carry her in his hands for the whole life. The problem is that there are more single Ukrainian ladies for marriage than single men who are interested in building family relationships. In Ukraine there is a significant reason for single ladies' desire of marriage. Being married the woman feels full and more popular in society. It is no secret that in our society a lonely female is considered a kind of loser. For such women the legal marriage makes their husband's love seem more stable and reliable, they are more sure about their future and they get the opportunity to at least partly take away the load of the material and household problems. Many ladies aspire to have a strong shoulder to lean at any moment.

Obviously, it is not so easy for a single beauty to find a life companion, who in addition to his own positive qualities and successful career, has a sense of humor and a financially stable position. Many girls who get acquainted with some confident and charismatic man, are later frustrated to learn that his heart is already occupied. And again they keep on dating men which seldom results in a really serious and strong relationship.

Ukrainian Single Ladies for Marriage

There is a fairly common view that single Ukrainian going abroad in search of a husband, are poor, ugly, with a failed career, but is it simply wrong. These days Internet is destroying the boundaries between the states, and it destroys the boundaries of communication between people. Ukrainian women who got disappointed in Ukrainian men, gladly embark on the search for a life partner abroad.

Most women, leaving their native grounds in search of a foreign husband, are fairly young and have good education, average and even higher financial status, have one child, never been married or are divorced. And despite the good life they are having in their Motherland, those women are ready to give us their usual way of life, to change a stable position in society for uncertainty and unfamiliarity in a foreign country. Those girls are not looking for an international passport or comfortable life abroad, they might have no time or opportunity to get acquainted in real life, or simply want to increase their chances to find a really close person, a soul mate with the help of international marriage agencies.

Ukrainian  single ladiesfor marriage are family oriented, nurturing and loving. And they are obviously hot and beautiful. So many foreign men are eager to meet such a lady while searching for a wife.

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