5 reasons to marry a Ukrainian girl

13 Nov 2023

“Why are there so many Ukrainian girls for marriage?” - it is probably one of the most obvious question from foreign men when they open pages of dating websites. If don’t make deep research, it is possible to distinguish two main reasons. The first one is the lack of men in Ukraine. It is pure truth that the number of women exceeds the number of men in Ukraine significantly. It can be explained by a warlike past and present of Ukraine. The second reason is inside Ukrainian men. Modern Ukrainian men realize they have a choice of women, and they use it. Ukrainian men can allow themselves to be choosy. That’s why amazing potential of many Ukrainian women is not properly appreciated and evaluated in their native county. On the other hand, foreign men all over the world who got married to Ukrainian women say that marrying a Ukrainian girl is the best the man can do if he wants to have real happy family. While the majority of women in the USA or Europe concentrate more on career and less on family and house, foreign men direct their eyes to single pretty Ukrainian women on dating websites. Without efforts, we may offer at least five reasons why it is a good idea to marry a Ukrainian woman.

1. «Many Ukrainian women and not enough men»

In recent years the lack of men in Ukraine has started to worry not only numerous single ladies but also demographic analysts. It seems this problem goes back generations. The majority of its history Ukrainian nation took part in different wars and battles and it affected seriously the quantity of male population. Anyway, the period of cruel wars, repressions and plundering raids is over, but Ukrainian men still die in early age. There are great many reasons of such a disaster, like for example criminal conflicts, unhealthy way of life, unreadiness or unwillingness to have serious relationships. In such situation pretty single Ukrainian women make steps towards foreign men who are considered to be more open-minded, more responsible, more solid and more gentlemen. So, it's possible to say for sure that the choice of Ukrainian ladies for marriage is really wide nowadays.

2. «Ukrainian women are very attractive»

There is no need to describe the beauty of Ukrainian single women. Numerous Ukrainian celebrities prove this fact. However, if you arrive to Ukraine and just walk down the street in any big city, you can see with your own eyes that there is no difference between reality and beautiful girls’ videos and photos on dating websites. You may not believe or have doubts, but when you open for example Gallery of Ladies on UaDreams.com, you see girls’ real photos and beautiful girls’ free videos in ladies’ profiles. It is true that on many dating websites, including UaDreams.com photos look like professional ones, but they are still girls’ real images. Professional photographers only underline incredible beauty of Ukrainian ladies. On the dating website the first look on the lady’s photo is just like the first date in real life. On the first date man’s primary interest is caused by appearance, and then he develops it by getting to know the lady more. On UaDreams.com you can find hundreds of amazing single ladies of different appearance and constitution. You have the chance to find your perfect beauty who will be next to you the rest of your life – isn’t it a good reason to try?

3. «Educated and excellent interlocutors»

Beauty is but skin-deep, although, this saying is not about Ukrainian women, because a real Ukrainian lady is a charming combination of beauty and brains. On web-sites you can easily find a lot of Ukrainian beauties who read too many novels about British knights, French musketeers, American pioneers, Arabian sheikhs full of dignity, nobleness and devotedness to their beloved ladies. To the point, Ukrainian women read! Moreover, they are fond of reading. Most of Ukrainian women on web-sites are intelligent and well-educated, and they have a good sense of humour. While corresponding with them, you will discover that they can be a good company. There are so many of them, that you will easily find the one who can support the talk on the themes you are interested in, because they are in area of her job or hobbies.

4. «Ready to sacrifice everything for the family»

The majority of Ukrainian ladies have higher education or special professional education, that’s why they show themselves as hard-working, responsible and reliable people in professional sphere. Girls in Ukraine usually grow up with thoughts about getting education and finding a good job. In most cases they fulfil these goals, they work hard in order to survive and live life. This is a cold reality, but it does not destroy deep wishes of Ukrainian women to have family. In spite of not easy life conditions and hard work, family values for women in Ukraine still remain very important and the main goal is to create a strong, united family with a reliable man. Family values are so important for women of Ukraine, that they are ready to sacrifice a lot for their family sake, even their overwhelming careers. Such attitude to the family is so rare nowadays in European countries or in the North America. That’s why if your goal is to have a family with caring and lovely wife, then don’t waste time and start the search of your future wife in Ukraine.

5. «Ukrainian girls are careful mothers and devoted wives»

It’s not enough to say that women in Ukraine are family-oriented. This word does not express all sides of this meaning. Ukrainian woman is proud and happy to be a wife and mother. It is a real pleasure for her to take care of husband, to create a cozy home for family, to spoil husband and kids with tasty dishes. Ukrainian wife is that powerful source that unites family, she gives warmth, joy, care and love to each member of the family. What man can refuse to have such a treasure? Ukrainian woman loves children, and she wants to give child to her beloved man as child is an embodiment of their mutual love.

These five reasons look rather serious to start thinking about getting married to a woman from Ukraine. Frankly speaking, according to these reasons, Ukrainian woman seems to be a perfect woman. In general, it is possible to think so and it is very close to the reality, because Ukrainian girls grow up in culture and traditions which differ from the USA and Europe. Nowadays such dating websites as UaDreams.com give the chance to millions of men all over the world to find beautiful charming wife from Ukraine.


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