Ukraine Is Famous For Its Sex-Tourism Trips

15 Apr 2023

In Ukraine ladies who are interested in a sex job used to search for their potential clients in networks or international dating websites. For example, if we take Badoo – girls receive lots of mails from Turkish, Arabian and sometimes German single men.

According to the recent data given by Special Victims Unit, Human Beings Traffic Department of national Police of Ukraine we see that during last 2 years the number of foreigners increased headily.

Those with sex-tourism intentions know perfectly where it is possible to find such a one-night girl and moreover are aware about the pricing.

Law enforcement officials distinguish the growth in foreign men demand for “butterflies” that is connected with the lowest price against the backdrop of crisis in Ukraine.

One hour of sex-time costs about $ 10 - $ 75, this is – as you can see – much cheaper than in other countries, especially when we mention those fancies and lovers who used to pay via EUR or USD local prostitutes appreciate that. In particular, let’s take Turkey. Here one hour of sex will wonder you with the price higher in several times.

Below you can observe and analyze the information by National Department of Passenger Transportation:

Turkey – Ukraine

2014: 860,4 K people

2015: 988,3 K people

Israel – Ukraine

2014: 421,5 K people

2015: 549,2 K people

(The data demonstrates the huge increasing of the amount).

Transportation between Ukraine and The United States of America nowadays is double that it was before from 55,4 K people to 99,4 K people; between Ukraine and Austria – from 270,5 K people to 292,7 K people.

Reduced system of visa arrangement applies almost in each country mentioned above.

On March of 2016 The Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine simplified the visa arrangement for the citizen of 27 countries as well.

However, foreigners are to be noticed here on business rather than with sex-tourism purposes,- police representative clarifies, - but they certainly have a chance of trying service of intimacy.

It’s easy to denote that the fact of open doors of the border and falling currency (we mean Hryvnya) caused the sex-tourist streaming as well as the irresistible desire of your ladies to move abroad.

The greatest part of women have serious intentions and they get acquainted with foreign men as soon as possible expecting feedback, however they run into sexual game lovers instead.

What is more, sex-tourists tend to receive the cheapest sex or even for free. Except cocktails, of course.

Such endeavors  meet Ukrainian women  consider as the most mature women in the world, still they do not recommend to waste money for them. The emerging nations or like we call them the Third World countries have less money for entertainment, so foreign men insist on the fact that women used to accept the financial status of their native men who cannot afford them going somewhere out to the expensive restaurant. So there is no need to spend much money to win a girl!

Time moves along, cities grow and change and spread over the country, even the most attractive places for pickup artists are famous nowadays for sexual games. Numerous avian companies open each day and the quantity of the most popular love-directions is an indirect proof. Girls see probably contrived but true connection these companies with the countries sex-tourists come from.

A separate part of illegal sex-industry is some online services and dating agencies that foreigners use for their purposes and murky cases. They are members of such organizations or sometimes they arrange meetings with ladies by themselves.

Ladies explain how the system works. For example, they confessed that they received some fees by international dating websites for giving beautiful photos to attract men all over the world. Some companies provided regular monitoring to check if real ladies are their members.

And girls make some video confirmation if they communicated with men, and how many in particular while professional translators, students of linguistic universities, speak and have video chat instead of those ladies whose photos are used online.

Ladies receive for about 5 000 UAH per month for using her photo on the website, she was paid non-regularly and the last time she received 1500 UAH only.

Such dating websites as help foreign men to meet Ukrainian women to find their beloved using communication services and caring about member’s safety, instead there are many agencies who used to fool their members and blind dates lead to nothing because of consciously forged photo.

Figuring out the sexual purposes of and we should denote that here all information is arranged for people who accepted sexual challenge. Probably website holders are in Ukraine but still agencies are registered in The Netherlands and Romania as police supposes. An activity of such a kind is a crime due to the articles “Trading In Prostitution” and “House of Prostitution Organization”.

Girls are to be found by pimps via social networks, they are offered the good job of a hostess or a model. Vulnerable potential victim fills in the special form and after that she is informed in particular that the job requires intimate services. But through it all ladies in general agree.

Elite escort representatives are gleaned properly and usually encountered with competitive ladies; therefore they are ready for cheap and small magazines. Being published with marketing purposes it is lucky to reach hotels and clubs giving specific information about modern life or tourism, prostitutes’ promotion instead.

Independent and well-provided escort lady interested in foreign currency are incentive for promotion and are ready to pay $1 k for posting their photo in that publication and sure $ 5-7 k for posting their photo on cover page.

Such independent girls adore such promotion to be satisfied totally and realized. Often their promotion is paid by their lovers or husbands. Escort girls compose marketing history and transform it into great model experience like publishing history, good men relationship and etc.

Ukrainian ladies have intentions to catch their deep dream to marry happily. Of course they consider their acquaintance with foreigners like good friendship or flirt, or just communication or a kind of a job. But severe and hard life dictates them to dream of a successful communication, real family, beloved person next to them and children of course.

There is such organization of human rights “La Strada” that cares about ladies and their safety, so that they have some information about such agencies with good reputation and experience in international dating sphere. Though this organization cannot give any names of such website to ladies who require but they provide with juridical and social consulting services regarding safe departure or emigration.

“La Strada” receives more requests to help each day, Marina Lyogenkaya, the director explained. And mostly the people in need are forced migrants. Economic situation is the main reason today that gives the motivation for ladies to search a better future.

And if they register on such website as they receive necessary support with all services for free, this is not a kind of a job or entertainment but legal company with intermediary intentions to get people together and give them communication possibilities.


We know different stories with moving abroad. For example if a girl with hard life meets a Turkish man and being totally in love, she agrees to come to visit his place, of course he pays for a ticket, of course he pays for food and of course he needs entertainment so he brings his friends for necking parties. Being desperate without return ticket she applied to Consulate of Ukraine in Turkey. Afterwards - long rehabilitation process for poor girl with therapeutist and psychologist.

However you can meet bright endings as well: ladies meet good person and well-situated men marry and move abroad, have children and live happily.

You can see lots of ladies who visit clubs and pubs to get acquainted with a man of means, no wonder what their intentions are. But they are prostitutes far from everybody. Pickup artists use ladies’ trustingness and blind confidence. Ladies usually think if a man is from another country and has enough money, so there is nothing to disquiet and he has privileges and a good reputation. False stigma!

See what foreign men tell about Ukrainian women. Often they consider women to be beautiful, mature, faithful, tender, thoughtful and approachable. That’s why to buy sex is normally for them. Mentally Ukrainian nation is far from it.

When men with privileges and thick wallets visit Ukraine and our ladies give them gust a company, they (ladies, of course) accept an illusion of acquaintance as a kind of real relationship. Such form of communication can prevent from simple prostitution.

Non-resident aliens nowadays are love-hunters, they intend to visit Ukraine with properly prepared plan of a trip and sex services guaranteed. It’s easy to book them online just with fast internet browsing with indicating “sex tours to.. – city name”. Enormous quantity and quality choice of ladies plus – flexible discount system.

Some suspicious websites arrange two days of dating all inclusive in apartment with high quality prostitute for about $ 2 k, that means it’s possible to receive all kinds of sex you imagine.

Different sources give information about each girl, to observe appearance and price, after website moderator confirmation it is possible to see the face of a “lady” via special key-code.

Voyage fully organized is not for each foreign wallet of course, so princes from other countries establish all cheaper variants as one hour with such a diva cost $300- $2.5 K.

Ukraine is to be visited by tourist not so rich as you may think, so that such lovers search for a love price available for both parties. As a rule local taxi drivers or administrators of some bars can direct each person who speaks another language to special public place with massage services and all of them are convinced that sex included.

According to the law of Ukraine there is no specific notion for sex-tourism nowadays, our legislative power needs to be accomplished in this subject. However, Special Victims Unit, Human Beings Traffic Department of national Police of Ukraine investigate crimes connected with sex-tourism like pimping and prostitution due to the art. (303) “Trading In Prostitution” and (302)“House of Prostitution Organization” of Criminal Code of Ukraine.

We do not see significant difference as to the number of cases during last two years:

In the year of 2014, according to the art. 302, they had 497 cases, in 2015 — 466. They uncovered 10 criminal organizations in each year. One simple explanation: there is no need in spreading such an industry as foreigners are guided and orient themselves perfectly.

But sex-tourism occurrence can signify that there is great internal market of prostitution that is under no control. Sex-tourism is a kind of a business and like any other forms of business it should have “foothold” of criminal organization. Sex-tourism is a special order, a system of activities many professionals like sex-tour operators who gather all tourist into groups to offer them prepared plan beforehand.

To have such a business lucrative as well as to offer special country as famous for its sex offers – only several factors should be distinguished.

Firstly: nation has to be poor enough to motivate to survive. Secondly: feminization of poverty (women become poor faster than men). The third point: restricted ability to develop, market declines. The forth one: criminal structures settings. As a result Ukraine has perfect characteristics among Cuba, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Thailand, and etc.

Some experts suppose that the situation may change with the legal accepting of the prostitutes. This kind of an issue is in process in Verkhovna Rada nowadays.

Nevertheless we have the opposite point of view based on foreign experienced: sex-services will be extended within the law.

If we go back to dating agencies, operation under licenses is the best choice to change the situation for better. We cannot assume if this or that agency without license does nothing except sex trading.


Such agencies like UaDreams with 15+ years of experience and certificate and really good reputation prove its affable position on the dating market of Ukraine. All delusive notions about money circulation go for nothing if we mention special Anti-Scam policy and safe agreement for ladies when registered as well. No personal information exchange during communication is allowed as there is no guarantee if lady or a man, for example will use it for any other purposes. There are such cases when men refuse to come to Ukraine to see his lady after long-term virtual relationship, so lady is in need of guarantee of real and safe meeting. As to the ladies – all services are for free for them and they do not receive any money for their profiles registered on All photos and profile data are posted according to the agreement and wish of a lady. Special department gives regular monitoring of lady’s status and other websites using. Professional translation and trip assistance is guaranteed as well. Plus: both sides are able to communicate freely without agency help after the first meeting according to the rules of the company. This is a real chance to create a family and to choose where to live: here in Ukraine (they had such cases when men stayed as well) or lady’s decision of moving abroad.

That is why this company is highly recommended by many ex-members who are satisfied with their destiny in hands of UaDreams. It is better for each business to have good feed back and to be proud of high level and good name.