American girl found the way to cash in on Tinder men

07 Apr 2023

The way to cash in on tinder menMaggie Archer, a college student from Saint-Louis (Missouri State, USA), as BuzzFeed specified, had found her way to extract money from men not going out with them.

Young lady posted her sweet picture with the description: “Send her $5 and see what next will happen”.

Men were encouraged with this appeal and tried to discover what to expect after money sending however the lady just aroused the curiosity with showing PayPal number.

Every time she gets her $5 she shows her interlocutor to be out of her interest. And according to the Tinder policy, if to swipe “Not Match”, participants of the chat are not able to text to each other again.

Archer shared with BuzzFeed that she did not consider this luring as a deceiving fact so far as she did not promise anything to men. Indeed this trick was used firstly by her girlfriend as a joke what thereafter lead to stable income. Lady refused to uncover what amount she managed to gain.

Archer’s Twitter post collected almost 8 thousands of retweets and 20 thousands of likes. Tinder company commented this as a severe disregard of their rules and notified that Archer’s account would be suspended accordingly.