Being easy-going

27 Mar 2023

Let’s go back to our profile composing!

If we speak about main attractive constructions, we should mention several ones that will warn you

. So you may see some further phrases in dating websites profiles.

Makes an impression of simple and common image: to be down to earth? Go ahead and skip such bullshit! What does it mean? A person does not distinguish himself as someone special? Please ignore.

If you intend to enhance your profile with special phrases never use this approach.

“Adore staying at home to drink some wine and to enjoy TV or movies”.

We can offer another type of this like to comfort life. Lots of specialists advise to avoid such phrases. Probably lots of movies cause such an effect of showing intimacy with your everyday life, it seems boring and having no fantasy.

Be interesting and specific with your wishes. Never use generic explanations as you probably try to describe almost everyone registered on this website.

“Just a simple fellow looking for a simple girl”.

If we speak about western culture, we speak about authentic things with showing your sincerity to others, however nowadays we bet it is contrived.

It sounds like a person had doubts in being registered on some suspicious website but he is genuine with his intentions and probably he is in need to prove that with indicating this in a profile.

Instead normal people usually do not have any need to prove their sincerity. What to use and what to say? Your great wish that lead you to this website: find a good person to marry to and to have children with.

“Like walking along the seaside with sunset”.

Posting something like this – it is about your love of nature, expressing leisure life time and private moments. We understand such desires, however that does not include being social. Supposedly such notions should put on your guard. What would you do with hanging on with a crowd?

This is unoriginal scenario like copying someone’s profile and no wasting time for being creative.

We can find hundreds of such profiles in the internet, so what are your chances to find your special one?

“I am fond of travelling”.

Again, there is no specifity in this post.

People banter with each other being adventurous with some danger places, we mean coming to other countries with greatest mountains or specific religion or extraordinary way of life, however we know that mostly people travel around their own country and may be just pretending to be someone. You can see that almost in every second profile. But we are not sure if this person has been visited Great Britain or India.

The best advice – to indicate the special place you have been or intend to visit. What is more, this is the common thing to speak to with a person who really likes your profile.

“Puzzle for 6ft”.

We know that women like men with a good height, demanding their dates to be tall enough and men of course try to add some extra digits lying about their real height.

This aspect is about to be the most curious one. You should know that people who registered on dating website on average are two-three inches shorter in their real life that indicated in profiles. Supposedly meeting with someone you can be surprisingly glad if the person you date is as short as he posted.

Ho well, let’s remind the greatest things: men often lie about their salary and height, and what about women – they would rather tell untrue about their age and weight.

“Grammar NAZI”.

If you do not understand that difference between YOUR and YOU’RE - stay back!

We do not advise you to emphasize your abnormal attitude to this.

As much non-educated people are here as much educated ones you can find here as well. But your strict position may push away each affable person.

“A 47 y.o. guy is looking for a 28 y.o. girl”.

Great statistic shows when men get older they seek for younger ladies, so that age gap is much bigger. However we do not advise to indicate any digits in such posts. Of course, you should indicate your real age in the main profile fields to be sincere with women who may open you as a liar lately.

But to cut it shortly, the main point is that age difference for successful result should not go out of the frames of 9-10 years. And its good when 32-year old man is looking for a woman about 23-37.

“And I am normal..”

Subtext of this phrase is telling that person feels uncomfortable on the dating website and supposes to meet hostility here. All of us know how risky virtual communication is and how strong you should be to join such a network. This is a kind of a defense but a signal to another person that he or she will be in safe.

And it is normal if you are searching someone online.

Probably you should not pay much attention to this post.

“I don't like TV”.

This is a kind of categorical person to be. Such people like to attract attention of others to them by emphasizing within “DON’T”. However, for you we do advise you not to use negatives “NOT” in your profile. Be positive and catch people with humor – that is the best way to find adequate reaction to start conversation with.

We wish you good luck and be attentive with composing your profile, never forget about being YOURSELF.