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Tag: dating advices

6 tips for guys what to do when you miss your girlfriend.

16 Apr 2019

I miss my girlfriend so muchWe’ve all heard many times that no matter how passionate and tender your love may be it won’t hurt anyone to have some private space. But if you grieve being away from your beloved girl, this is absolutely normal.

Your sadness and longing when she’s not with you means that this lady is special to you. Yes, when you were side by side the world was brighter, it seemed that you breathe each other and everything went fine by itself. Without the closeness of your girlfriend everything falls out of the hands.

It often happens at the very beginning of a relationship, when everything is new, you’ve just started to know each other and all feelings are so acute.

What is the fastest way to meet and marry a Ukrainian / Russian girl?

12 Apr 2019

Meet Russian and Ukrainian girls on a dating site Is it possible to meet and marry a Ukrainian or Russian girl quickly? Single Western men often ask this question when they want to marry a girl from Ukraine or Russia or just get a girlfriend from one of these countries.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am an experienced dating consultant and work in this field for many years. What kind of advice can I give you? Hurry up to meet new people, but if you like a particular girl, develop your relationship gradually.

Haste in a relationship leads to disappointments and mistakes.

6 tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

05 Feb 2019


how to stop thinking about an ExIt could be perfect if we could say to our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend just “Thank you and goodbye”, without thinking on reasons of your break or recollecting all sweet memories about your past roman.

But in the most cases it is only wishful thinking. We recall again and again all memories and it’s so painful that we couldn’t start something new because of fear of pain in future.

You have a choice – to continue analyzing what is wrong with you or just stop thinking about someone who is not your hero. How to manage with your feelings – read in the next article.

5 tips how to make up after a fight with your girlfriend or wife.

01 Feb 2019


making up after a fightThere is a proverb: "Lovers scold — only amuse themselves." Whatever it was, but a big quarrel can seriously complicate the relationship of lovers.

How to make up after a serious fight with your girlfriend and, most importantly, how to restore trust and warmth in a couple?

Believe us, everything is possible, if you show tact, a little patience and do not forget that you still love each other.

We bring to your attention 5 simple tips, following which, you quickly smooth the conflict.

7 top signs of a one sided relationship.

25 Jan 2019

One sided relationshipOne can be touched to tears by the examples of chivalrous service to a beautiful lady singing in ballads. Oh, these feats and sacrifices of a loving soul who does not expect anything as a reward! Yes, in poetry it looks great...

But in reality, such relationships are painful. If in the love uni0n of two people all (or almost all) responsibility, work and blame for common problems are placed on the “knight” — this is one-sided relationship. How to define and fix this we will discuss in the following article.

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