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How to recognize online dating scams in 2019 and avoid them

05 Jul 2019

Our life is full of surprises, some of them are pleasant and some aren’t. When we would like to meet a partner we go to the dating sites but not only smart and nice women are waiting for us there. Unfortunately, you may face scams, the people who would like to use our weakness and our desires. They know what people are looking for on the dating websites on the Internet and they are close trying to get the victim to their nets. Every year more and more people get into trouble and lose their money. It should be stopped and people should know how to realize that you face a scammer. However, it is not difficult if you know how the scams behave, in this case you will understand that the fraud is trying to trick you.

Scam Victims

09 Mar 2016

Scam tricks storiesSpeaking about scam, we should say that not men are the easiest victims of online con artists. Statistical numbers state that females is the most vulnerable part of social media and dating web-sites users. It is hard to imagine to what extremes they are ready to go in their hope to become closer to their virtual «knights in shining armour». One should not call them naive or stupid but sometimes love makes all of us blind, so it is better to stay informed before starting your online dating activities. The biggest dating web-sites also have their own ways of protecting their customers. It is our hope that some real life stories published in this article are going to raise alertness of the dating web-sites users and will help them to avoid some familiar scammers' traps.