25 years old from Sumy

  • Birth Date

    12 August

  • Height

    163 cm5' 4''

  • Weight

    48 kg106 lbs

  • Eyes


  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

  • Zodiac


  • Glasses


  • She is


  • Smoke


  • Drink


  • Religion


  • University degree


  • Field of activity


  • Occupation

    medical company representative

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Russian FluentUkrainian NativeEnglish Intermediate

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating, Traveling

Alyona 9028

What I do in my leisure time?

In my free time, I try to relax and be alone with myself. Sometimes I communicate with the Universe and God through prayers. It cleanses my soul. Every weekend I go to church and walk around the city. That is what gives me a lot of inspiration. Every day I realize that life is a gift for us and we should be happy and smile. I have hobbies like dancing, sports, walking. Basically anything that strengthens my body. When I feel like it, I dance and walk and visualize that I am doing it with the person I love. I am sure that one day I will dance a wedding dance with the man I love.

The type of man that I desire

I dream of meeting a man with whom I would spend my whole life! I do not dream of a prince on a white horse, as I said, life is not a fairy tale :) I would like this man to be kind, caring, intelligent, and understanding :) I want to wake up with this man every morning, look into his eyes and see love and tenderness! I would support such a man for all my life, understand and give him the best feelings every day! And of course, only to such a man, I would give my heart and my life :) You would make me the happiest girl if you said that you can be such a man and that you are ready to accept my heart :) Will you become such a man for me?

My typical day

My every morning always starts at 6 a.m. :) I think this is the perfect time to start the day, to fill every moment with special events. I meet every day with a smile because I know that I will go to my favorite job in order to make this world better and help people :) After preparing breakfast and a little workout, I go to work, where I spend most of my day :) I always spend the evening in different ways!I am very positive and open with other people, so I like to sit in a cafe with friends, go to the cinema or take a walk with delicious tea, or spend time with my family :)) When I come home I cook a dinner and watch movies or read books :) Just like my morning, my evening ends the same, because I have a special ritual before going to bed :) Would you like to know what it is? I think you would like it and you would end your every day the same :))

How would I describe myself

I consider myself kind and helpful. People love it with me. They say I exude positivity and they also like to touch me by my curly hair. Do you like looking at them in pictures? I am determined and will not back down from my goal. My heart is drawn to creativity and sunshine. What does your heart go out to?

Maybe I will be your muse and your heart will rejoice in looking at me. Just take the first step towards me. I appreciate you reading this and give you positivity.

I have both good and bad qualities. But I strive for self-improvement. Only my main dream is to be with the one I love.

My future goals are

Every human being has goals. I, like any normal person, dream of a big friendly family and love. Love should be everywhere. Without it there is no light in the soul of any person. Love should be everywhere and always: at work, in communication, in creativity. Isn't it? I want to love and be loved. This is my main goal.

Also, since I have a degree in medicine, I want to develop here. Beauty is a popular field at the moment, and I want to help people improve themselves. It's great to have something to strive for, isn't it?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Communicating with this girl, we did not notice how quickly time passes! She is very cute, smart, and has a great sense of humor! The girl was smiling all the time and was very polite! She is very sociable and always finds a topic for conversation :)

If one day there is an opportunity to talk to her, this conversation will forever remain in your head and you will not want this to stop :)

About my family

I have a loving father, a caring mother, and a kind brother. We have a wonderful family. I understand this and really appreciate it. I think that the outer shell is not so important, what is important is what is done inside. Love, friendship, and mutual respect between all family members - that's what my family has! And this is what I would like to have in the future :)

My parents have always been an example for me, and it doesn't matter if I was a child or already an adult girl - I always wanted a special man to appear in my life with whom I would have a big and friendly family!

Throughout my life, I am always and everywhere supported by one and only truth: no problems are terrible if loving people are waiting for you at home. I can proudly say: my family is my fortress. Would you like to be a member of such a family and to have your own fortress? Because I feel I'm ready for this step in my life!