7 top signs of a one sided relationship.

29 Mar 2023

There is no person in the world ready to agree that his choice of partner is unfortunate if he is in love. Also, no one wants to admit to himself that there is no adequate response to his feelings, efforts and care, that in a relationship he performs the main work, which is often not appreciated but taken for granted. If so, then you may be in one-sided relationship.

Experts of UaDreams, examining the profiles of their members, came to the conclusion that more than 60% of men who survived the painful breakdown of previous love affair had been in one-sided relationship for a long time, afraid to change something so as not to lose a loved one. So, we offer you 7 basic signs of one-sided relation, so that you can further realize in time and solve the problem before it is too late.

Change one sided relationship

She treats you as a commitment.

Even being quite busy at work, you give your lady a certain priority in your life. For example, you always have time to spend it with her, or to listen and support your beloved if necessary. And for yourself you have to literally beg for a moment of attention outside the "timetable." Attempts to discuss something meet only irritation. You begin to think that you are simply “planned” and not loved. If you are relegated to the periphery of your lady’s interests and you often have to wait for “your turn” — this is a one-sided relationship.

She’s never the first to express tender feelings.

You are most likely in a one-sided relationship if your girlfriend does not say gentle words to you and almost never initiates a date or intimacy, but simply "favorably accepts" your adoration. At the start of a close relationship, this may be due to some timidity. But if you have been together for a long time, then it’s a bad sign.

She is not trying to establish contact with your close people.

Suppose, you date for several months, but your friends and family barely know that you have a girlfriend. The symptom of one-sided relation is the absence of a common social life. She constantly brushes off invitations to visit your parents and get out somewhere with your old friends. And if you even succeed in this quest, then she behaves in a way that you have to justify her actions to your close ones. It is a reason to worry if you are still a secret for her relatives and friends.

You are never right if it comes to a quarrel.

There are strong suspicions that your relationship is one-sided, if you can almost never reach an agreement on controversial issues. Yes, tastes and desires in a pair do not always coincide. But loving people come to a healthy compromise. If you go on concessions all the time, if you constantly feel guilty and have to apologize and your lady cultivates it, then your relationship is a time bomb.

Your girlfriend does not care about you.

Your relationship becomes one-sided when only you are always interested in how her day was spent, you are first to call in the morning or (during online communication) you write a message (go out to chat). If your lady constantly demands your care and support, and when you have problems, she is “terribly busy”, then this is a sign of unequal relationships.

Your lady doesn’t want to talk of problems in your relationship.

If you’re left alone with your mutual difficulties and misunderstandings, if you are the only person in your love affair to talk of fixing that bitter issues, while your beloved one pathetically rolls her eyes and gets annoyed with “all that mess again”, then you’re definitely in a one sided relationship.

You feel that you have no common dreams.

You often blame yourself that you can’t inspire and interest your lady anymore. She seems to be bored of you and your dreams of future holiday and travelling to the seaside doesn’t make her smile. At the very beginning of your relations you had a heap of plans for future, but all these things remain only plans even today. All these facts can vividly show that your relation is one-sided.

Are you determined to save your love despite all facts? Then you can try to fix one-sided relationship. Believe us, there is no single formula for all cases. If you understand that you are in a one-sided relationship and are hoping to fix something, then use these solutions suggested by the experts from UaDreams.

Analyze your feelings.

Understand what you really want before you try to discuss it with your partner. Answer yourself the key question: how do you feel in one-sided relations? Realize what you are most saddened, worried about or scared of. Try to trace how you found yourself in this situation. Only after that you can proceed to the attempt of dialogue with your girlfriend.

Solve one problem a time.

Focus yourselves on your today situation without touching old pains and insults, not to make your lady feel attacked or suppressed. And even if she tries to pick up old issues as a shield, don’t let your bitter emotions catch you up. Try to be quiet and reasonable.

Learn to love and respect yourself.

Maybe this point is your key one (whether in this relation or in future). Take some time to yourself. Find and practice such activities which make you feel fulfilled and happy. You’re really worthy of love and happiness. Maybe your partner will find it out as well.

Let’s sum up. If you tried to fix your one-sided relation but was not lucky enough, then be brave to renew your life and find new ways. UaDreams team invites you to place your profile on our dating site and you will see that your determination will be rewarded. You’ll surely meet a sweet, kind and devoted Ukrainian girl who can value your love.