The worst first date questions

26 Apr 2023

So, you’ve asked her for a first date, she agreed and come. How to behave with her, what you could ask and which issues should be closed for your discussion for today or even for the next several dates. If you hope to turn your first date partner to your life partner, please, avoid those types of questions that could lead to a date disaster.

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#1 - Never ask about the ex-boyfriend or husband

It’s a bad idea – to ask about her ex-boyfriend or husband. Last relationships are certainly not an issue that a person wants to share with you while you dating for the first time. Even if it’s a story of happy and long lasted relations, you should avoid discussing it on the start dating point. Don’t ask something like: «Why he decided to divorce?” or even “Why you are still single?» - it might hurt your interlocutor and leads to decision to say “No” to you and your potential love story.

#2 - Inappropriate salary questions

Are you from a tax service? Are you a headhunter and you want to hire your partner? If not, please, forget such questions on first date. First of all, this is absolutely inappropriate and makes you look like a mercenary person. Secondly, you could reformulate such a question in plenty ways and wouldn’t be perceived by your dating partner as a mendacious person: “What do you do for a living?”, “Please, tell me something interesting about your job” or “What are you proud of in your job” et cetera.

#3 - Any questions about the wedding and the serious relationship between you

It’s a completely bad sign if a person starts conversation on your first date from wedding issues or discussion on religion of your future children. Be not so serious, your first date partner would be scared if you start from such fundamental themes like marriage, your potential children, their sex, names and religion. Never ask such bad things, it’s only your first date, you need to know each other, not to scare each other.

#4 - Terrible questions about physical deviations or worse about the shape of the body

“Are you on a diet?”, “Is that a hairpiece?”, “Do you need some special food for you?” Why would you ask someone that? You want to give your first date partner a piece of advice, or you want to hurt him or her? Everyone would immediately decide that you are judging your partner, or you want to share your opinion that he or she is too fat. It’s totally rude, bad and inappropriate to ask something like this on your first date, but not only first one.

#5 - Never use "I searched information about you in Google

It sounds really creepy and awkward. Even if you check your first date partner’s profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn before your date, don’t confess on it. At least, while your first date.

So, try to be cute and polite on your first date, be positive and open-minded. Don’t ask bad first date questions and focus on issues that you are interesting in your partner. And don’t waste your time – register just now on our web site UaDreams, fulfill application form and choose your potential first date partner from thousands of profiles of amazing Ukrainian woman. Who knows, perhaps, it’s your future soulmate, but you could clearly understand it only after your first date.