What to present for Valentine's day to a Ukrainian girl in 2023?

13 Feb 2020

Are you still thinking about the present for your special one? Here are the Valentine Day gift ideas for women. Our website surveyed the ladies and we have unusual and creative ideas of presents on February 14th. You have already known that you may send her flowers, sweets, a bottle of champagne or a basket with fruit and, of course, it will be a good surprise for the woman. However, our website would like to share some impressive ideas with you so we have asked the women and they answered what they would like to get as a present on St.Valentine’s Day. For sure you know your lady better, so you’ll be able to choose something according to her taste, interests, and hobbies.

Go to the quest room together.

Are you spending this day together? If yes think about the quest room. Alina, 32 years old from Odesa said: “I would be happy to spend this day unusually. I like something exciting and I like surprises, I prefer unusual presents. One of my friends got a great present for her birthday, her boyfriend invited her to the quest room. I would be happy to get such a present”. So we asked other ladies if they would like to go the quest room with the beloved man and 73 percent answered yes.

Spa treatments for couples.

Spa treatments for couplesAnother great idea for spending the day together is to go to the SPA center with your girlfriend. Elena from Kharkiv mentions: “I am expecting to get a present from the man I am dating to. We have met on UaDreams.com, wrote hundreds of letters, met in video chat twice a day and then we met in my hometown. We can not meet this year in February but my boyfriend has already asked me about the present and I have chosen a day in the SPA center. I think it would be great to spend the day there together and to have a romantic evening after that in the restaurant but we decided to meet in the video chat after I come back home from the SPA center.” That’s true, Ukrainian ladies pay much attention to the appearance and they take care of their skin, hair, and body a lot. A day in the SPA center would make your girlfriend very happy, she will appreciate your present and your attention.

A love cake for her.

cake for herLadies have a sweet tooth, they can’t live without sweets, candies, and cakes. Women like different cute things. Do you know how to join these two things together? Order her a love cake. The cakes can be a masterpiece and a nice cake will say more about your feeling than thousands of words. 92 percent of women answered that they like sweets and cakes and 85 percent said that they would be impressed by a nice handmade cake with hearts. Anna from Odesa said: “I know that some men try to make surprises and, of course, I would like to get something unusual this February. I would prefer a box with cupcakes or maybe the whole cake is even better”. Why not to choose something creative, choose the present that will show her your love, attention, and commitment. That’s very important when you build relationships, such presents bring warmth and understanding that your partner does care.

Pearl Bracelet with Stars.

Pearl Bracelet with StarsDo you remember the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”? A lot of time passed but nice jewelry still stays the best friend for women all over the world. Ukrainian women do prefer earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Oksana from Chernihiv answered our question about jewelry: “I do prefer nice clothes, I choose them carefully and, of course, I wear jewelry that suits me and my outlook. It seems to me that every lady will be excited to get something nice as a present. From my point of view, earrings or a bracelet is a great choice. I would be in the seventh heaven if I get one this year.” Choose something that she likes, something that will remind her about you every day when she wears it. A nice pearl bracelet with start will emphasize her individuality and will show her that you thought about the presents for her. It’s not easy to make a special creative present but a thousand mile journey begins with one step. Think about your girlfriend, thinks about the style she prefers and it will be easier for you to choose. But at the same time, we have already written about Valentines gift ideas for women that don’t wear a lot of jewelry. It’s up to you what to choose.

We have chosen the most creative and unusual presents and do hope that these ideas will help you to make happy your special one on St. Valentine’s Day and in the future. Treat your lady, let her feel your love and attention.