6 tips for guys what to do when you miss your girlfriend.

27 Apr 2023

We’ve all heard many times that no matter how passionate and tender your love may be it won’t hurt anyone to have some private space. But if you grieve being away from your beloved girl, this is absolutely normal. Your sadness and longing when she’s not with you means that this lady is special to you. Yes, when you were side by side the world was brighter, it seemed that you breathe each other and everything went fine by itself. Without the closeness of your girlfriend everything falls out of the hands. It often happens at the very beginning of a relationship, when everything is new, you’ve just started to know each other and all feelings are so acute.

But as our experience shows, in a relationship at a distance the longing for a girlfriend sometimes turns into a kind of obsession. If you call, write to her every hour, or constantly video chat to ask what she’s doing now, having forgotten of work and affairs, then this is unlikely to benefit your love relationship. Therefore, wanting to help those men who greatly miss their girlfriends, experts from UaDreams have created a sellection of 6 useful tips on how to show your lady that you constantly think of her without harming your relationship.

Send her a tender message and be patient.

It may sound trivial to someone, but nevertheless it’s a great way to show your girlfriend that you’re missing her. A letter is an opportunity to express your feelings, but don’t forget that quality is better than quantity. So, buddy, in no case don’t overwhelm her with frequent messages. And what's more, don’t fall into an immediate panic if she doesn’t respond immediately.

And although modern people almost all the time stick in their gadgets, it happens that for some reason it’s not possible to write an immediate answer. Get a hold of yourself, think it over and write a long gentle and sweet letter, the perfect beginning for which is the phrase “I dream of meeting you soon”.

Try planning your future date.

Miss your girlfriend very much? Then you’ll be very helpful if you begin to actively engage in the organization of your new date. How cool it’ll be to dream together of your date and discuss how you both see it. Perhaps she loves nature or adores travel. You can plan a romantic trip, horseback riding or a picnic in a nice picturesque place.

Perhaps she admires the ancient castles – then it’s an occasion to pre-book a tour or a hotel room in a nice medieval city. Such a pastime is much more useful for the development of your relationship than fruitless longing for your beloved. During all this, you can consult with each other and discuss options that will bring you closer together.

Did you put something off for a long time? Do it!

If you miss your girlfriend so much that you can’t do anything without her and completely abandoned most of your business and contacts, then your personal life needs urgent repairs, otherwise it can all end badly. Harmony in love implies the expansion of each other life horizons. If your personality is completely dissolved in this relationship, then most likely it will not be durable.

Go to a sports match, a concert or a pub with old friends. Get out on nature at the weekend if the weather permits. Remember, before the start of your relationship, you wanted to learn how to play the guitar. What is stopping you from doing this? Wanted to go to the gym? So go ahead! If your life is interesting and full, you’ll always have something to share with your beloved.

Write your feelings out in a diary.

Many famous (and ordinary) people kept a diary in which they poured their innermost thoughts and emotions. It hurts you to miss your girlfriend too much? She’s now far away from you, but perhaps the cause of psychological discomfort isn’t only in your love at a distance. Maybe you have a conflict with relatives, trouble at work or just seasonal depression and therefore you feel such an urgent need for a loved one.

Try to describe this state in a kind of diary. This helps to reduce the acuteness of emotions without causing feelings of guilt or other unpleasant feelings in your girlfriend. In addition, keeping a diary, you can look at your problems like from a distance and understand what really disturbs you so much.

Regular video calls will help you.

There is nothing better than video calls or video chat, if your beloved is far away and you miss her. It’ll be more convenient for both of you if you don’t call randomly at any opportunity. The best solution is to set the exact time for the video chat so that it’s convenient for both of you.

You’ll happily live with the idea that, for example, at 8 pm every day (or every 3-5 days) you’ll see and hear your girlfriend. This will significantly reduce your sadness. And besides, you (and she too) will be able to calmly think about what you’ll talk about when you "meet" online.

Try a virtual date.

Even if you’re thousands of miles away from each other, modern technologies and gadgets make it possible to organize a date online. You can together (even if not in the same place) do many interesting and pleasant things and see / hear each other, share impressions and feel the connection and joy of communication. Watch the same movie or listen to music, take a walk in nature, chatting with each other via video call or prepare some snack together.

And although you don’t touch each other physically, you’ll have the feeling of your girlfriend’s presence. And in conclusion, we would like to say that there is nothing wrong with you missing your girlfriend. If your love is true, then the distance is only temporary and surmountable difficulty. If you’ve not yet met your soul mate, the UaDreams team invites you to become members of our dating site and find your Ukrainian beauty. Then you make sure that distances aren’t an obstacle to love.