Why should we give a second chance after a bad date?

24 Apr 2023

Experts say that deciding on a second date, even if the first one fails, you give yourself the opportunity to change your mind or make sure that there is really nothing to regret. Are all unsuccessful first dates worth a second chance? How to figure it out? Especially for you, the dating experts from UaDreams identified several main reasons for a second chance date. Here they are.

The first impression may be wrong.

If it happened that the first date turned out to be a failure, although before the decision you met you had a good conversation and it seemed that this girl meets all your requirements then, maybe, it was just not your day. Experts believe that it makes sense to give these relationships a second chance. Perhaps the place or time was inappropriate.

For example, you ordered alcohol at a restaurant, and the girl is not drinking (or at all), or you arranged a date in a fashionable steak house, and the lady turned out to be a vegetarian and the like. Or some external factors interfered (for example, she / you got a call) and the conversation went wrong. Try to change the place, time and situation and not the girl and maybe a second date will show you the true picture. Based on our extensive experience in the field of dating, UaDreams experts advise not to hurry to follow the first impression as it may be erroneous. Second chance date is needed to sort things out.

Everybody may have bad days.

Remember, when you had problems with the delivery of the project at work or a quarrel with relatives or another stressful situation, were you in sufficient form to go on a date? If your lady mentioned something like that, then your unsuccessful first meeting doesn’t say anything and of course you should try a second chance date.

No one is a perfect version of himself/herself being recently fired from the job or when caught a cold. Experts say that stress and health problems are the main killers of spark and easy communication on a date. If your lady looks depressed or sneezes / coughs, then obviously, the second date (without all these strains) is a chance to find out what this person really is.

The reason isn’t in person, but in circumstances.

You won’t argue that external circumstances sometimes affect a lot when it comes to dating. Did you fail to communicate on the first date? The lady seemed nervous or too restrained? Maybe it's not about her but in a noisy café full of people or in loud music not conducive to establishing a connection between the two of you. On the first date everyone is nervous, and much depends on the choice of location.

Perhaps a quiet, cozy place for a second chance date will completely correct the situation. There are things that aren’t at all dependent on you (unpleasant call, slow service in a restaurant or traffic jams) which can also ruin a date. Do not give up immediately, try to meet again. Experts believe that the majority of failed first dates are worth a second chance for the above reasons.

Not quite sure? Then give a second chance to date.

Experts of the dating site UaDreams in their work repeatedly encountered a situation where a man was delighted with a certain lady contacting online and in  video chat , but something went wrong on the first date live and that upset guy disappears from the chat and stops all communication.

When, in time, he begins to doubt whether he acted correctly and if he doesn’t lose his happiness, it is already too late. If, after the first unsuccessful date, you are all in doubt about what to do, then the best solution will be a second chance date, after which you will most likely see if she is the right choice for you. As experience shows, on the second date it may turn out that this is a wonderful person and a nice girl and you are incredibly lucky.


Of course, no one can be immune from the fact that a second chance date will be no better than the first. But the decision to meet for the second time will save you from endless agonizing doubts like “what would have happened if ...” which means it’ll save your nerves and give you certainty even in case of repeated failure. You will know that you’ve done everything possible and you have nothing to regret.

And if on the second date you realize that you may have found your love and happiness, it means that your efforts and patience were not in vain. You’re wondering where to meet the right girl you would invite for a date? Then one of the good options is to become a member of UaDreams and get to know beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Use your chance to be happy!