Top 8 tips how to date a single mom.

10 Jan 2024

Whatever the reason why a woman, having a child / children is single, there is a great likelihood that she'll decide to meet someone for a close relationship. And with today's quantity of divorces, the probability of meeting and starting to date a single mom is very high. Having worked for over ten years in the dating industry, the UaDreams team has helped many men find their happiness with beautiful Ukrainian ladies.

Some of these women already had a child or kids, which did not prevent their new relations. But guys should not forget that dating a single mom has its own peculiarities. After all, children (especially young ones) often determine practically the entire daily routine of the ladies. Based on this, we have developed several important tips on how to make the experience of dating a single mom positive for her and for you. Dear friends, we are pleased to offer you top 8 of such tips.

Remember that first of all, she is still mom.

If you decide to love with a single mom, then the most erroneous thing you can do is to be jealous of her children or reproach that he gives you little time. Believe me, if she spends time (which mothers always have not enough) for you, then you mean a lot to her. Being a mother is a huge responsibility and at the moment the main thing for her. But if you need this woman, then find a little patience and understanding in yourself. And then, children will not always be small.

Free time for her is a luxury.

It's great if you take into account that being a mother, she somehow finds the time and opportunity to take care of herself, write messages (go out to chat) or organize a date in person and appreciate it. Because if a woman without children needs only to find time “for herself” after work, then a single mother should have to figure out with whom to leave the child before going on a date. Do not be angry if she didn't respond to your message instantly. Wait a while and you will be rewarded for your patience. If she transfers a date, it doesn't mean that you are ignored, maybe her child just got sick.

Pay attention to details and small cute things.

Children take a lot of physical and moral strength, so in rare moments without them, single mom wants to take a nap, watch a new film, take a walk or enjoy pleasant chatting. But in reality, this time is often devoted to cleaning, cooking and other household chores. Therefore, a single mom can forget of some details or not have time to plan your leisure. Take it upon yourself. Book a table in a cafe or buy movie tickets, or just give her a small gift (flowers) for no reason or send a message with gentle words. Believe it will pleasantly surprise and move her.

She is the same woman as any other.

Yes, to be a single mom is not easy, but she is still a person and a beautiful woman, and not an appendage to the child. Do not forget that she also likes to have fun. Do not think that she has no personal interests and hobbies, except motherhood. Plan your vacation and have fun with her, surprise her. Single moms are women just like everyone else. Unless, they have a super bonus — children.

She is looking for a relationship with the future.

If you are thinking about how to date a single mom, then first decide whether you're ready for a serious relationship. Of course, she doesn’t necessarily see in any male interlocutor the future life partner, this lady really knows what she wants, because she already had what she doesn’t want. She has no time for empty games or searching for short-term adventures. Single mom won’t waste your time if she doesn’t like you.

Do not rush to get acquainted with her children.

Don't expect that after the first date she will present you to the child / children. She needs to understand that you're ready to meet with her kids. When children get to know someone, they form an image of connections and affections. Until a single mom realized that you had become a permanent part of her life, there would be no meetings with her kids. So understand, nothing personal, she just cares about the feelings of others, including yours.

She won't expect you to be a daddy, but...

Your lady does not think that you will replace her kid's father. Before your acquaintance, she herself coped well with their upbringing. But, if you are together with her and you have already met the little ones, then a single mom would like you to be a part of their life, and not random passersby. Try to make friends with them and it will make your relationship with your beloved woman even deeper.

She does not expect to be saved.

A single mother is not at all a poor unhappy creature who is just waiting for the prince to appear on a white horse and save her from paying bills and screwing in light bulbs. She is a smart, independent and strong woman, if she decided to raise a child alone. Therefore, such a lady is above all worthy of respect, love and not pity. However, mutual support and assistance are important in close relationships, but everything has its time.

Perhaps not everyone decides to meet and have a serious relationship with a single mom. But as our experience shows, Ukrainian women have a special talent for being devoted wives and caring mothers. In this article, we tried to outline the main advantages and disadvantages that a man might face in such a situation. In any case, there are no obstacles for love.