10 Tips about Dating Russian Women

27 May 2020

These days online dating is getting more and more popular, more and more people understand that they would like to find their love overseas and are ready to look for the beloved person on the dating websites. There are a lot of international dating agencies and websites that help people correspond, meet Russian women, and fall in love.

Of course, you will find different websites and you’ll read hundreds of stories some of them with a happy ending but some men and women still prefer traditional dating. The reasons may be different, one of them is a different language and different cultures. Our article 10 Tips about Dating Russian women will be a helpful resource for all people who are looking for love on the Net.

1. Do Russian women differ from other women? Is that true or a myth?

That’s not a myth and Russian women do differ. What does make them so special? The history and traditions made Russian women unique and special. Russian ladies are taught since childhood that the family and children are more important than a career. At the same time, Russian women take care of their appearance and they look great every day and everywhere.

2. What should you do to attract Russian women’s attention? Are the words enough?

The words are not enough and you should remember about this. Of course, a Slavic woman likes when the man adores her and tells how beautiful she is but remember that the first thing that the woman sees is your appearance. You have to be neat and wear clean clothes and shoes. The first impression will be formed before you say the words about her beauty so take care of this beforehand.

3. What is important for the Russian woman?

Russian women are ladies and they like to be weak and they prefer when the man takes care of her and protects her. Only a serious, self-confident, and caring man will be able to impress a Russian woman and she will be ready for building the relationships. Win her heart with your deeds and don’t forget that Russian women like when the man is strong, brave, and ready for everything just to protect his lady.

4. What is the best behavior to win the heart of a Russian woman?

What can you do to impress her? We surveyed women and 80 per cent told that they would like to get more romantic moments in their lives. So the best thing you can do is to be romantic with her and to impress the Russian lady with your deeds. Bring flowers just because it’s a great day today or she has some problems and you’d like to put a smile on her face. Invite her to have dinner with candles or cook dinner yourself and spend the evening in the romantic atmosphere at home cuddling and kissing the whole evening. Don’t forget about compliments, tell her about your feelings, in Russian that’s любовные слова. Learn some words in Russian, it will be fun and she will appreciate this.

5. What to do if you meet a Russian Woman?

Let her feel like a princess, that’s very important. The best thing that a foreign man can do to win a Russian lady’s heart is to create a fantastic atmosphere and to make the date unforgettable. Russian women will choose you because of your attitude, that’s principal and she will choose a man that behaves like a gentleman and who takes care of her.

6. What present to give her?

A nice bouquet will be enough and will make her extremely happy. Attention and taking care worth more than money and Russian women understand this and do appreciate it when the man does his best to make her happy and smiling. So think, please, what will make her happy? You know your lady so it will be easy to do.

7. Mark the words and you will be happy with a Russian woman.

The first meeting and the first date is very important and you have to bring flowers, that’s a must-have for the first date. Don’t forget about this in the future as well. Russian women like flowers but they don’t take care of the price of the bouquet that may be cheap local season flowers or expensive roses from Holland, she will like any. Russian ladies like funny and cheerful men, the men who make them laugh but not cry. Think about the topic and questions for the first date, remember some funny jokes, and, of course, come with flower – that is a recipe of the ideal date.

8. When you are in the relationships with a Russian woman this advice will be helpful.

You will be surrounded by a loving and caring woman. That’s true that Russian women take care of their man but at the same time, they prefer when the man solves all his problems himself. That shows him as a real man who can do everything and overcome all the difficulties. All work will be divided, you will earn money and she will make you home nice and cozy. She was taught by her mother how to do this and she will be happy to make you pleased with the delicious dinner. You just have to be a real man who knows how to make money, to support the family, your lady, and your children. Russian women like to feel protected that’s so important for them.

9. How to talk to a Russian lady?

To become friends, to become close you will need time. It’s better to start conversations discussing themes like weather, hobbies, life, and favorite food or so. When you are starting to build relationships, you just know each other better and you need time to start trusting each other and to open your hearts and souls. Be patient, she needs some time to open her heart. Make the atmosphere when she feels comfortable.

10. Is there anything else that you should know if you want to build strong relationships with Russian women?

Mostly women from big cities speak good English and other European languages like French or German. They studied them at school, they travel more so they have more opportunities to learn. Russian ladies from towns, as usual, speak Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. However, how will it help you? The younger the lady is the more chance she speaks good English but in cities, it’s a very common thing when the woman speaks good English, so you will be able to communicate without an interpreter and you’ll have a better understanding.

What else will be great to do to win her heart? What about learning Russian a little bit? Believe women do appreciate that you try and, of course, they will help you and will never laugh if you do mistakes. Speaking Russian even a little bit will help you communicate without an interpreter, you will be able to stay with your lady and you won’t be interrupted and you will not need to wait for the translation. You will enjoy each other company without a third person, a translator from the Dating Agency. Your intimate moments will be only yours. She speaks a little English and you speak a little Russian is a great combination.

Break free from the interpreters and find a great and interesting Russian language course, the one that will help you to understand not only the Russian language but the soul and mentality of Russian women. The lessons may be private or in a group. At the same time, you may suggest to your lady to study English. That will help you to start understanding each other better and sooner.


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